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    Lobot is the cybernetic enhanced assistant to Lando Calrissian in Cloud City.

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     Lobot was the son of a slaver that traveled across the galaxy raiding small primitive worlds for slaves. When Lobot was 15 his father was killed when their ship was attacked by pirates. Lobot was a slave to the pirates for two years before he escaped to Cloud City.

    He had no money, so he stole to survive. He was eventually  arrested by the Bespin Wing Guard for stealing. He requested that the Baroness-Administrator Ellisa Shallence preside over his case. Seeing potential in him, Ellisa sentenced Lobot to fifteen years of involuntary service to the Cloud City community, rather than serve a lengthy prison term, and he had to undergo cyborg augmentation. Cloud City techs shaved Lobot's head, drilled holes in his skull, and then fitted him with a Biotech Aj^6 cyborg headband. Lobot would indenture himself to the city by becoming the first cyborg computer-liaison officer in its history. He became one of the most hardworking and loyal employees in Cloud City, and even when his sentence was fulfilled shortly before the fall of the Old Republic, he chose to continue serving his community. He was rewarded for his loyalty by being named chief administrative aide to the Baron Administrator.

    Lobot's cybernetic implants increased his intelligence dramatically. He could communicate with the city's central computer at all times, controlling issues of bureaucracy, law enforcement, computer programming and repair, security, communication systems, repulsorlifts, and life-support systems.

    The cybernetics did have one negative side effect.  His speech centers deteriorated under the neural pathways to his brain. While he still had the ability to speak, his speech was reduced to minimal, infrequent sentences. However, he rarely felt the need to speak, because he could fulfill his duties without the need for verbal communication. His observations of the world came to focus on numbers and formulas. His loss of humanity seemed strange only to those who did not know him.

    Lando Calrissian arrived in the city and challenged the Baron Administrator Dominic Raynor to a game of sabacc. Lobot recognized in Calrissian an opportunity to boost the struggling hierarchy of the city. He inconspicuously helped Calrissian win the game, and even though Lando lost his ship, the Cobra, in the process, he became the city's new Administrator. Calrissian would retain Lobot's services, utilizing his abilities in ways never before thought of.

    While Lando was in charge, Lobot did not object when his master secretly aided the Rebellion. When the scientist Issan Len was murdered in the city and the Rebels were blamed, Lobot helped Lando clear his name. Lobot even saved Lando's life when EV-9D9 rocked the city with secretly planted bombs.

    Lobot was present when Lando greeted his former friend Han Solo along with his Rebel companions Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO. When an Imperial force led by Darth Vader captured Solo and his companions, Lobot was instrumental in helping Lando rescue them. Lobot arrived with a group of Cloud City guards to free Leia, Chewbacca, and a dismantled Threepio from the Empire. When the group was making their final escape from the city, Lobot, through the city's central computer interface, informed R2-D2 that the Empire had deactivated the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon, and also informed the Artoo how to repair it. Using the information, R2-D2 repaired the hyperdrive, helping the group escape being captured.

    After the Empire's takeover of Cloud City he served Captain Hugo Treece. During a revolt by the Ugnaughts, his motivational-programming capsule was sabotaged as part of their plot to access Cloud City's central computer. Lando returned months later to find a malfunctioning Lobot, and was attacked by him. Lando managed to remove and repair the capsule, enabling Lobot's computer interface abilities to disarm eleven bombs placed throughout the city by the Ugnaughts. Captain Treece tried to kill Lando by throwing him off the city to the planet's surface, but Lobot once again saved him by using a life-jet to catch him. Lobot, with Lando, Luke Skywalker, and Lieutenant Shira Brie overthrew the Imperials in the city for the time being.

    Lobot vowed to hunt down and destroy EV-9D9 as payback for the droid's attempted destruction of Cloud City. Stealing a cloud car, Lobot traveled to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine but was captured by the Hutt before he was able to complete his mission. Though Jabba at first planned to feed Lobot to his rancor, Tamtel Skreej, actually Lando Calrissian in disguise,  asked that Jabba instead place Lobot in his demolition games. Jabba agreed, but Lobot did not realize that Skreej was Landoo the two became fierce rivals in the competition. However, he eventually managed to escape Jabba and make it back to Cloud City.

    Lobot continued to serve Cloud City even when Zorba the Hutt became Baron Administrator and when the city was retaken by the Empire by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Lobot would later became the Baron Administrator of Cloud City for a number of years, during this time he accompanied Lando Calrissian on a New Republic mission to investigate the ship named the Teljkon Vagabond which had reappeared near Gmar Askilon. Lobot played a major role in discovering that the Vagabond was controlled by the Qella,a species thought to be extinct.The Qella planned to use the ship as a means to melt their frozen home world which was trapped in an ice age. He accomplished this mission by detaching part of his cybernetic headgear and reattaching it to part of the Vagabond's central nervous system, finding that he could communicate with the ship.

    Later, Lobot accompanied Han, Lando, and Moegid as spies to the Imperial Capitol of Bastion to attempt and steal a copy of the original Caamas Document and stop the growing instability of the New Republic. Because of his neural implants he was able to act as a puppet for Moegid's computer skills to investigate the Imperial library undetected.

    Lando established the GemDiver Station which harvested minerals from the gas giant of Yavin. Lobot continued to serve Lando there, although he would later return to Cloud City, where he stayed during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


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