Lobo and Etrigan

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#1 Posted by BlackWind (9787 posts) - - Show Bio

Who thinks these two need to meet up in the new 52 and rekindle their destructive friendship??

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#2 Posted by BumpyBoo (13392 posts) - - Show Bio

YES!!! I would beg for this O_O

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#3 Posted by evilvegeta74 (4673 posts) - - Show Bio

I just want to see them emerge, it's time!

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#4 Posted by Loki9876 (3366 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe they'll just piss each other off.

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#5 Posted by BlackWind (9787 posts) - - Show Bio

Seriously, these two need to meet, then brofist so hard they destroy whatever continent they were on.

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#6 Posted by spawn_123 (1726 posts) - - Show Bio

I would like to see this it will be so fun and so destructive watching this to Hulk like powerhouses battle to the death

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#7 Posted by TifaLockhart (18892 posts) - - Show Bio

Not after the Deathstroke debacle.

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