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this is such a crazy read 0

if you like cult crazy violent with no purpose you would like this book. it's like a B movie with no boundaries. a more hardcore lobo series with a crazier character called the mask. no plot no thinking just endless different hilarious ways of killing each other and cleaning other peoples like bugs. the mask turn into kingkong and eat lobo. lobo tie the mask ankle to a street lamp and tie the mask head to a moving car to see how stretchy the mask is. all these kind of stuff. the violent version ...

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Just Fragging Awesome 0

I actually was stupid enough to pawn this book for less what I paid for !!!! Doug Mahnke's artwork is amazing even if the plotting by Alan Grant and Acrudi are a bit stale in the execution. The jokes are stupidly wonderful, and the imagery of the World Trade Center ( this book was written in 1997) feels more like a tribute than anything else. Read this book once, than just stare at the AMAZING artistic detail three times over....

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