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    Lessons from the Main Man!

    This is just the laugh I needed.  Lobo cracks me up.  
    This book is the do's and don'ts of bounty hunting.  Out hero of the book "Leslie" is dragged into the pages of this prestige by Lobo.  In this comic-book world, the laws of comics occur.  Our friend Leslie is killed off and returns more times then Jean Grey of the X-Men has.
    Each lesson is a change in artist, which is a nice touch.  My favorite is Kevin O'Neill's pages and his "Big Bad Lez" is so silly it mad my sides hurt a little.
    Lobo books are great, because they never really amount to anything but killing and satire.  Great combo.
    This book did the job of relaxing me after all the "Smart" things I had to read today.  
    It is not a great book, its a fun book.  If you find it cheap, sure try it out.  But it is not ground-breaking Lobo.... is there ground breaking Lobo?
     - Silkcuts

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