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The Price of PAIN!
The Price of PAIN!

L'Matto was a low-level Badoon warrior and scientist who lived on the Badoon homeworld of Moord in the 26th Century and was present when a group of time-traveling 31st Century freedom fighters called The Guardians of The Galaxy arrived in orbit above his world.

While examining their ship from a command post, the computers began to overload and L'Matto was hit by an immense burst of energy which had seemingly killed him.

As his fellow scientists rushed to his aid and began calling the medics L'Matto's eyes, which had become starfield-shrouded windows into the whole of Creation, fluttered open.

Shortly afterward, the ruler of Moord set up a one-on-one coliseum match with Charlie-27 that would ultimately determine the fates of The Guardians of The Galaxy and the next generation of Badoon hatchlings.

Let's Get Ready To Rumble
Let's Get Ready To Rumble

When the Jovian powerhouse arrived in the Moord coliseum, he quickly learned that the warrior he was facing was none other than L'Matto, who now wore the guise and wielded the nigh-omnipotent powers of Captain Universe.

As Charlie-27 went head-to-head with L'Matto, he learned exactly how outmatched he was in this fight and was overwhelmed shortly after being toyed with by L'Matto to give the crowds a "show."

Before L'Matto could kill Charlie-27, however, he was attacked by Major Victory and the Doctor Strange of Earth-616 who had arrived on Moord after making their way through Dark Dimension.

Unfortunately, as their fight with L'Matto progressed, both men discovered that they too were no match for L'Matto and the power of Captain Universe and were easily overwhelmed but managed to maintain consciousness unlike their fallen comrade.

If it had not been for the timely arrival of Nikki and Talon who provided some distraction through the use of high-yielding energy cannon and rudimentary magic, both men surely would have died along with Charlie-27.

Clash of The Titans
Clash of The Titans

Feeling disgraced after one of Talon's failed spells sent the superstitious audience fleeing for their lives., the Brother Royal demanded that L'Matto finish them all off.

L'Matto heeded his ruler's commands while thinking about his plans to kill the Brother Royal and assume the throne of Moord once The Guardians and Doctor Strange had been finished off.

As L'Matto approached the fallen form of Charlie-27, which was being watched over by Nikki, he demanded that she stand aside.

But. instead of caving into her fear of The Uni-Power's capabilities, she stood firm and pointed her energy cannon threateningly at L'Matto.

Before she even fired it however, L'Matto was struck in the back by an intense bolt of cosmic energy. To Nikki's surprise and L'Matto's anger, the newcomer was none other than Aleta who now wielded the powers of her former husband, Starhawk.


L'Matto engaged Aleta head on in an all-out, no holds barred clash of the titans, which allowed Nikki, Talon and a reluctant Major Victory enough time to return to their ship and get Charlie-27 to sickbay.

As the battle raged on, Doctor Strange quickly arrived at Aleta's side and together they brought L'Matto down for good. With the Badoon madman now out for the count, Doctor Strange was easily able to exorcise The Uni-Power from L'Matto's body.

Without the Uni-Power, L'Matto and the Brother Royal analyzed the dagger left behind by Charlie-27, the Khacta dagger given to him by Yondu. They discovered the rare Yaka metal it was made of and began a search for it. The existence of this artifact changed the course of history. L'Matto assassinated the Brother Royal and took control of the Badoon, leading an assault on the Alpha Centaurians much earlier than in their original history.

The Badoon defeated the Alpha Centurians and made the aquatic Alphans extinct. They began to interbreed with the Centaurians and form a more reptilian hybrid that outlawed the worship of Anthos, their native God.


L'Matto is a Badoon male who not only possesses high intelligence but is also a highly skilled martial artist and a competent swordsman. When bonded with the Uni-Power L'Matto commanded all of the powers of Captain Universe including flight, super strength and speed, invulnerability, energy blasts, telekinesis and a protective force field.

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