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Llyron emerges from the growth chamber.
Llyron emerges from the growth chamber.
  Llyra devised a plan to have a child with Namor's bloodline and that child was Llyron. Llyra sought out an Atlantean genetecist named Vyrra who had the technological means to accelerate her baby's growth. She discovered Vyrra's sea cave near the boundary trench of Old Atlantis and had her accelerate the pregnancy. The force-growth procedure required a mind transfer or the mature offspring would have the capacity of a newborn. Vyrra was able to do the mind transfer of Llyra to her baby so Llyron would now think like her mother and share her memories. Once the baby was born, Vyrra placed the newborn into a biological time-decompression creche to complete the process. A potent amino bath triggered DNA-programmed developments that would normally take months to complete and in a matter of minutes, the child became a man. Llyron emerged from the chamber as a very healthy sixteen year old. Llyra killed Vyrra after the procedure so she could not create a clone of her son. Llyra came to the capital of Atlantis and introduced Llyron as the son of Namor.

Llyra told the council that her son was the heir to the crown of Atlantis by right of blood. Llyra told them that her son was their salvation and would be a leader they could rely on. Llyron and her mother would even stop Tiger Shark and his partner Tamara as they approached the borders of Atlantis. Remora told Namor that Tiger Shark and Tamara might be dead at the hands of Llyra and his son. Namor would go to Atlantis and come face to face with his so called son. Namor denied that Llyron was his son because he wasn't able to produce a child because he was a hybrid. The royal scientist conducted blood tests and confirmed that Namor's bloodline flowed through Llyron's veins. Namor accused Llyra that it was some elaborate trick and a fight ensued between Llyron and his so called father. Lord Vashti told the combatants to cease fighting before they topple Atlantis. Namor told Lord Vashti he did not come to Atlantis to seek the crown but to retrieve his comrades. Llyron would take on the duties as the new heir and serve as the Atlantean's new leader.
Llyron versus Namor.
Llyron versus Namor.

Plans were set in motion to attack the surface world and defame Namor. Warlord Thakos severed the transatlantic cable that linked most communication between Europe and America while Llyron came to the United Nations to petition membership for Atlantis. Llyron told the Secretary General that Atlanteans are a much feared and misunderstood race and he was there to dispel the misconception that they were belligerent barbarians. Meanwhile, Namor discovered the severed cable lines when Giganto and other sea creatures emerged from the sea floor. The sea creatures were heading to Manhattan and Namor quickly followed. During Llyron's speech, Giganto and Namor crashed into the United Nations building. Llyron told the Secretary General that he would stop Namor and these monsters. Namor discovered that Llyra was using the Horn of Proteus to summon these creatures. Trish Tilby was reporting live from Manhattan and wasn't sure if Namor was trying to stop Giganto or antagonize it with his ability to communicate with the sea-beasts. The media was reporting that Llyron was taking the fight to the creatures and doing his best to protect the city. Giganto attacked Namor and ruptured a gas main which caused a massive explosion. Phoebe Marrs picked up Namor and told him that he was wanted for the unprovoked attack on the United Nations. Namor heard on the radio that the Security Council and the General Assembly accepted Atlantis's application to the U.N. because of the heroic actions of Ambassador Llyron.    

Llyron was praised by his people for bringing Atlantis into the grand assemblage known as the United Nations and gained their trust. Llyron even betrayed his mother and told the Senate House that she stole the Horn of Proteus from the archives. Namor was wanted by the authorities and even came into conflict with Captain America. Namor was able to escape and reach Atlantis during Llyron's coronation ceremony. Llyron was to be recognized as the new king of Atlantis when Namor appeared and told Lord Vashti that Llyron was not his true son. Namor told everyone that his father Leonard McKenzie remarried and had a son named Leon McKenzie. Leon had a high ranking position in Namor's company, Oracle Inc and was seduced by Llyra who disguised herself as Leon's boss, Phoebe Marrs. Llyra knew Namor could not father a child because he was a hybrid but casted doubt in Namor's mind by seducing him disguised as Susan Richards. Namor and Llyron would clash in the Abyssal Plains until a sunken ship toppled onto them. Numerous Atlanteans grabbed Llyron from the debris and hail him as the king of Atlantis. Llyron told Namor that he promised to return Atlantis to the prominence it enjoyed in its Antediluvian days. Namor told his freinds Seth and Lord Vashti to keep an eye on Llyron in case he starts to show his true colors. Llyron would serve as king of Atlantis until the sorceress Morgan Le Fay brought Atlantis to the surface. Llyron would evacuate his subjects from the Crystal City and its surrounding territories. 

Fathom Five

 Llyron leads the Fathom Five.
 Llyron leads the Fathom Five.
Llyron would reappear sometime later as the leader of Fathom Five. Fathom Five is the superhuman strike force that serve a renegade faction of Atlantean extremists called At'la'tique. Fathom Five consist of their leader Llyron, Sea Leopard, Bloodtide, Manowar and Dragonrider. They have been conducting terrorist attacks on the surface world in the name of At'ta'lique and to honor the teachings of Nagala and Shakkoth. Fathom Five would attack New York City on two seperate occasions and come into conflict with the Thunderbolts and other heroes including Genis-Vell and Warbird. Radioactive Man had a personal vendetta against Llyron after the At'ta'lique faction attacked Beijing which ended in mass casualties. Llyron was taken into custody by the Atlanteans and taken back to Atlantis. Several days later, the people of Atlantis started to become ill due to some form of radiation poisoning. Apparently Radioactive Man irradiated Llyron's gills and every time he took a breath, he would release a radioactive agent into the waters around him. Radioactive Man wanted to take revenge for his people after thousands were killed by the At'la'tique terrorist. Radioactive Man would change his mind after an Atlantean child died from the radiation poisoning. He would eventually purge the radiation from the water and heal Llyron. The current whereabouts of Llyron are unknown. 

Powers & Abilities

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Llyron is a hybrid between the air breathing Homo sapiens and the water breathing Homo mermanus which makes him amphibious and can live indefinitely under or out of water. His physiology enables him to withstand the great water pressure changes that occur beneath the sea. He can swim through the water at a maximum speed of about 60 miles per hour. He has superhuman strength and the ability to fly.  

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