Liz Moran

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    Mike Moran's wife.

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       Elizabeth Sullivan later Elizabeth Moran married the former Marvelman Mike Moran the two were married for sixteen in a slightly difficult marriage since Mike was a freelance journalist he never found a permanent job she using her job as a illustrator supported them both. Mike was also plagued by strange dreams  for years (the dreams were in fact his memories of being Marvelman). The couple also had difficulty conceiving a child but despite all these hardships she remained a loving and supporting wife.

        When Mike became Marvelman the first time in years and come home she was at first shocked at him and didn't believe he was her husband but she eventually recognized him. He told her of his memories and previous adventures as Marvelman in his youth (actually false memories from when he was in his "creator" Gargunza's simulations) she laughed them off and found it difficult to accept them as fact. Later that night she slept with Marvelman she gets a call from Marvelman's old ally Kid Marvelman who had become a corporate tycoon he invited them to his offices. As it turned out Kid Marvelman slowly went power mad over the years due to having no authority figure he perceived Marvelman as a threat and attacked him he killed his own secretary telling Marvelman he would due the same to Liz, Kid Marvelman almost beat him but slipped up in battle and transformed to his human body of thirteen year old Johnny Bates a tearfull frieghtend child. 

        After the incident Liz and Mike traveled out of town to test his powers as Marvelman using superhero comic books as research, on the trip Liz told Mike that she was pregnant with Marvelman's baby not his. The two found it strange and tension built between them as Mike said to Liz that is almost as if he and Marvelman are two different people but with the same memories (an actual statement of his transformations) and that Marvelman loved Liz in a less complicated way he did. Liz was eventually kidnapped by Gargunza's men who learned of Marvelman and Liz's pregnancy he attempted to use her baby in the same way he was going to the Marvelman family by implanting his mind in their child's body and having a super powered body himself. Marvelman eventually finds Gargunza and kills him and his men for their actions. 
       After being saved from Gargunza Liz began to go into labor Marvelman delevered their baby girl  and the couple was relieved at the baby's health they named her Winter but were frightened when she said "mama" only minutes after birth. Liz and Mike raised the infant but stress started to take it's toll on Liz Mike began to worry about her because she was giving the  solids after only weeks the baby was growing quick due to her inherited powers from Marvelman. The alien races The Qys the beings whose fellow aliens were used in the creation of the Marvels came to Earth and discovered Liz was pregnant they tried to kill her and Winter but were saved by Miraclewoman a woman with the same powers as the Marvelman family.

        Liz left her husband saying she loved him and Marvelman but the stress of their life was to much for her so was Winter's strange aging. She also said it felt wrong to be with Marvelman saying she like an animal and he was a higher being. When Marvelman began becoming one of Earth's rulers he told her that he could giver her powers as well but Liz refused to and asked him to  never see her again.


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