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The Living Totem's starship crashed on Earth in the American Southwest. He attempted to subjugate the local people but was sealed underground by native medicine men. Years later, the Living Totem was released from his underground prison when some miners blasted a particular silver mine shaft.

Mayor Story Arcs

Rawhide Kid

Not long after the Living Totem reached the surface and was free once again, he encountered the Rawhide Kid. The Totem menaced him and tried to kill the cowboy. Rawhide Kid however fired multiple shots so quickly that the gunsmoke blinded the Living Totem. Then the Rawhide Kid was able to push the Terrible Totem over a cliff and into a deep canyon.

West Coast Avengers

Many years later, the

West Coast Avengers

were sent back in time to the American Southwest during the 1870's. They met up with the

Rawhide Kid,

Two-Gun Kid

and the

Phantom Rider

and ended up fighting a group of villains led by the Iron Mask. The Iron Mask unleashed the Living Totem as his secret weapon. The combined might of the gunslingers and West Coast Avengers proved too overwhelming.


managed to trip the Living Totem with her staff and

Iron Man

buried him under a pile of rubble.


Many years later, the Living Totem is seen in a vault of a rich collector or artifacts, named

Borya Cich

. The X-man Gambit tried to steal another artifact in that vault when he saw the Living Totem, seemingly without life. How the Living Totem got here remains to be seen.

Powers & Abilities:

The Living Totem possesses superhuman strength and durability.


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