Little Nemo

    Character » Little Nemo appears in 123 issues.

    Created in 1905 by Winsor McKay.

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    Little Nemo is a boy who is shown always falling asleep in his bed and sent to Slumberland by various people. He has many adventures with characters such as the Princess and Flip. But every time he dreams he wakes up back in his room; this cycle continues threw out the run of the comic strip.


    Little Nemo was created by Winsor McCay in 1905 in the New York Herald with a full page strip called Little Nemo's Adventures in Slumberland.


    Little Nemo has become important over the years mainly for it's artist style. Comic books such as Promethea have payed homage to McCay's Art Nouveau style. There even has been a video game and a movie.

    Character Evolution

    In the comic strips Nemo has remained the same, but many years later IDW has a new Little Nemo with blond hair and a full name as well.


    Little Nemo is a boy who goes to sleep every night, like you and me. But, what makes Nemo special, is that each of his dreams are pieces in his continuous journey in dreamland, where anything can happen.

    First Nemos dreams started out as nightmares. Then, he got a task. He was to journey to the palace of Morpheus, king of dreams. The journey was long, and got interrupted often, because Nemo fell down of his bed each night, and therefore, waked up. But, finally, he made it there.

    After having gotten to the palace, he continued to have more and more adventures, and made some friends during those adventures.


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