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The Atomic County

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Summer Roberts is now Little Miss Vixen (later Lil’ Miss Vixen) is superhero that rides an invisible scooter and transports in her belt several razor-sharp credit cards to defeat her enemies.  

In the first episode of the animated series she is fighting against Demoniac Water Polo Player (Zach) and they started to date. In the second episode shows her solo adventures. In the 4 episode she starts to fight against Punky Spit Fire (Anna Stern) because of her sense of fashion and style. In 11 episode she broke up with Zach Stevens and in the last episode she finally kisses The Ironist (Seth’s character).

The O.C.

Summer Roberts (by marriage Cohen) lived in Newport Beach with her father, plastic surgeon Dr. Neil Roberts and with her stepmother. Her best Friend is Marissa Cooper and she is friend with Ryan Atwood and Seth Cohen (husband).

Season 1

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Summer was a stereotypical spoiled rich kid. When Ryan arrived to Newport Beach, it was showed that Seth Cohen had a crush on Summer, but she doesn’t know who Cohen was. Due to various events Summer fell in love with Seth but she thought that dating with him would affect her reputation at their High School.

Seth started hanging out with another girl, Anna Stern, she was the girl that was Seth’s pair in the Debutants Ball, and they both shared their love for comic books.

Seth started to dating Anna but she broke up with him because he still loves Summer, because of that Summer and Seth announced to all the school that they were dating.

At the end of the season Seth was worried of being alone and afraid of that happening he sails away alone leaving behind Summer and his parents.

Season 2

Summer has a new boyfriend Zachary “Zach” Stevens. Zach was starting to become friends with Seth but Summer still had feelings for Seth.

The relationship between them becomes more complicated because Seth and Zach were developing a comic book named

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Atomic County.

Summer was going to Italy with Zach and his family but she leaved Zach at the airport to going back to Seth.

Season 3

Seth and Summer were in their senior year at the Harbor School and they started to feel worried about their post-graduation future. Summer had a new rival in the school her name was Taylor Townsend but they become friends.

Summer and Seth both agreed going to Brown University, after some events they broke up. After the prom night Seth tells her that he wasn’t accepted in Brown and they reunited their love.

Her stepmother was leaving and divorcing her father, and Neil Roberts starts dating Julie Cooper, her best friend’s mother,

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and she accepted the relationship.

Summer was devastated when she receives the news that Marissa was death.

Season 4

After Coop’s death she went to Rhode Island to the University and she finds new friends.

Later she admits that anyone in Newport moved on, except her, but she didn’t (She was depressed about Marissa’s death).

When she tried to free some bunnies with her environmental activist friend from the labs they got caught and she is expelled from Brown.

She returned to Newport and Taylor went to live with her. Taylor assumes that Summer is pregnant and Seth heard and he asked Summer to marry him, but she wasn’t pregnant and they canceled the engagement.

Summer went to work with GEORGE (Organization that helps animals) and she had to travel around the world.

Summer returns in the final episode and she marries Seth.

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