Little Miss Sunbeam

    Character » Little Miss Sunbeam appears in 9 issues.

    Optimism is her bread & butter... mostly her bread.

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    Little Miss Sunbeam is a sunny little girl who always looks on the bright side of things, always ready for an adventure and to help out her friends, in fact she's such an optimist you could spread it bread, rich wholesome healthy bread.... why don't you go out and buy some right now? 



    Created in 1942 by girly Pin-Up artist Ellen Segner (one of the first women to enter the field) Little Miss Sunbeam has been a mascot owned by Quality Bakers of America, created during World War II she didn't really come into wide visibility until the 50s, however once appearing on her first billboard she has been with us non-stop even to today.

    Appearing in give-a-way comics touting the glories of a nice slice of bread Little Miss Sunbeam was popular enough to warrant her own regular comic for a while. Which featured the non-bread related adventures of Little Miss Sunbeam, her mom and dad and her “Gang,” Ginger her dog, Tinker the smart science kid, Googy the tough kid, Munch the fat kid (hint, eat fewer carbohydrates Munch), Tilly the other girl and some kid named Weegee.


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