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One of many children birthed through genetic splicing of  Mutants and Deviants. As they children of her town came into their powers they all began a systematic burnout which caused worry from their benefactors in the The Damocles Foundation.  
After her friend Johnny burned out his powers through self combustion she fled her town and was pursued by men who claimed to be SHIELD agents. 
X-Force also happened upon the scene and she used her powers to knock them all unconscious. When she was revealed to the team they realized she was simply a terrified child who had done nothing wrong. She knocked everyone unconscious again and fled back to the town of "Almost Reno". 
There she mourned for her friend alone on the playground until Tabitha Smith the mutant  Boom Boom  approached her and the two quickly found a kindred spirit with the other. Through Tabitha's wise words she was able to stand up for herself and reunite with her mother.  Tabitha  left her in her moms capable hands.


Months later more children manifested powers but all burned out leading to the town evacuation and quarantine. Her mother realized something had gone wrong and thus hid her when the town was evacuated. When she came out of hiding only herself and Zachary were left. the two quickly bonded and fought off those who would wish them harm.
When X-force arrived she was very happy to see Tabitha  and with their help they fought off agents of the The Damocles Foundation until Indigo arrived. He had come to collect Mary personally as she was a 'perfect specimen" of the experiment eh had started years before. Mary lashed out with her powers but was neutralized by him as was Tabitha. In the end Indigo left her with X-Force
  and she and Zach were given to a family in a secret location.
 His current whereabouts are unknown as are the effects M-Day  may have had on his abilities. 


 Lil Mary lashes out
 Lil Mary lashes out

Mary is a powerful untrained telepathic Mutant/ Deviants  hybrid capable of reading minds and firing deadly and debilitating mental force bolts. 
Like most telepaths her powers and range of abilities will increase with age and training.
She also has a hint of Telekinesis often floating when lashing out with her powers. This may also develop further with age.

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