Little Black Sambo

    Character » Little Black Sambo appears in 56 issues.

    From the fairy tale. In Fables, he has aged and imprisoned in the Golden Boughs Retirement Facility.

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    Mister Revise has a mission in life: to eradicate magic from the Mundane world. His job was well underway when a flood of Fable exiles from the Homelands began to come into his realm. One such Fable was Sam, originally known as Little Black Sambo. Sam was captured, imprisoned, and subjected to the various methods that Mr. Revise employed to "neuter" Fables of their power. For Sam, it was easy--his tales were considered racist by many mundies, therefore they began to fade from the public eye, robbing Sam of his power. All in all, Mr. Revise considered Sam to be one of his greatest success stories--that is, until Jack Horner came to the Golden Boughs.

    When Jack was brought in, he and Sam became what would pass for friends and Jack began planning an escape attempt. The plans went off without a hitch, at first, until the Bag Men and the tigers that guarded the facility caught up with them. Sam rescued Jack from a Bag Man, cutting the creature open with a knife he had. Then, giving his friends time to finish their escape, he lured the tigers away, racing around them at super speed until they turned to butter (like his story).

    Later, when Kevin Thorn came back into his memories, he had Sam and Hansel brought before him to help give him creative energy. Sam ended up trying to stop Thorn, racing away with Hansel and dumping him off of a cliff. He later tried to stop Thorn from re-writing reality by stealing his pen; however, his brain was literally fried when he grabbed it due to an overload of information contained in the symbolic pen. As punishment he sent Same to a world where no one could see or hear Sam, living in an apparent permant isolation.

    During The Ultimate Jack of Fables Story, it is revealed that he has become a father to a little baby boy, Sammy Junior, as a result of a one-night stand with Robin Page. Though how he escaped his imprisonment isn't known. It's possible that with Kevin gone, his imprisonment was gone. Sam is one of the few regular characters who survives the series' final issue.


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