Little Barda

    Character » Little Barda appears in 19 issues.

    Little Barda is from Apokolips and should not be confused with Big Barda who is a different character.

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    Little Barda was a native of Apokolips. Not much is known of her life on the land or why she had taken up the mantle of "Little Barda". When Powerboy planned his escape from the hellish land in search of Supergirl, he offered for his good friend Little Barda to come along.

    They arrived during the time after the crisis and opted to join the Teen Titans to gain experience. They remained on the group for a short time and came into contact with the new Infinity Inc. When someone confuses her for Big Barda she corrects them while adding "But maybe one day I will be the big." When the Infinitor Trajectory is killed during the mission Barda and Powerboy resign from the team and depart.

    She is later approached by Cyborg to join his Titans East team. During a training session with the team, they were savagely attacked by the Sons of Trigon. Powerboy was killed, however, Barda survived but was said to have been left in critical condition.


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