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    A Morlock with roach characteristics.

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    Litterbug was a young man who worked as a mechanic in the Army until his powers manifested soon after joining, giving him a cockroach-like apperance. He joined up with the Chicago branch of the Morlocks under the leadership of Postman. Litterbug has a deep understanding of the Sentinels, and he reveals to Angel Dust that he used to work on them in the Army. He, however, seems to have rejected the American government, tearing up a Buy American cigarette poster, and asking Postman to help him burn off his Army tattoo on his right shoulder.  


    Litterbug is a Morlock and a Marvel comics character. The Morlocks are underground group of mutants who are disaffected and feel shunned by society. Their name is derived from the H. G. Wells novel The Time Machine, which also features a group of beings who live underground. Litterbug is from the Chicago Morlock community and was created by Geoff Johns, Shawn Martinbrough and Gregory Wright. Litterbug first appears in Morlocks #1 released in 2002. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Litterbug was one of few mutants to retain his powers on M-Day. He possesses a chitinous exoskeleton that protects him from injury and makes him virtually invulnerable against physical attacks, but his mutation makes it hard for him to speak. He also has extremely hard and sharp claws and teeth as well as superhuman strength, speed, agility and stamina. He is a skilled mechanic.

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