Lise Myhre

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    Norwegian comic artist. Creator of Nemi.

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    Creator and author of Nemi, one of the most popular cartoon/comic strip characters in Norway, Myhre conceived the character when she was only 21, and working multiple jobs, including as a freelance illustrator. She had the opportunity to create cartoons for the magazine The Far Side, and that is where Nemi was born, a young girl with a gothic influence and twist. A contributing factor to Nemi's creation, was Myhre growing older, and the realization of crossing over from childhood into adulthood, and the apprehension that brings. Nemi's creation and characterization was also influenced by Myhre's love of stories, fairy tales, movies, magic and this can be seen in a number of ways, noticeably Nemi's surname is derived from the character of Inigo Montoya from the book and movie the Princess Bride - a personal favorite of Myhre's.

    Nemi is published in over 50 newspapers today, in a dozen countries regularly, and is Norway's most popular cartoon alongside Pondus. Also many of Nemi's stories are collected into books, which there are currently 4 volumes of.

    Personal Life

    She's married to the bass player of the black metal band Dimmu Borgir. She has a son named Storm. She is a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe, Andre Bjerke and H.P. Lovecraft. She knows the all the words of the Princess Bride movie by heart. She cites Charlie Christensen as an artistic influence.


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