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General Lo Chien felt that China's communist leaders were getting old and their government would eventually break down. Chien believed the most powerful generals would make themselves warlords and China would slip into anarchy. Chien dubbed himself Lionmane and planned to make himself one of the most powerful warlords in China. Lionmane became a modern day pirate and started to plunder the wealth from Madripoor. Lionmane and his forces would come into conflict with the Heroes for Hire, Jessica Drew and Wolverine. Shen Kuei aka the Cat betrayed the Heroes for Hire and joined forces with Lionmane since he was a mercenary for hire. The Heroes for Hire would become victorious and Lionmane is defeated in combat by Wolverine and Iron Fist.


Lionmane was created by John Ostrander and Pascual Ferry in 1999 and first appeared in Heroes For Hire # 18. 

Powers & Abilities

Lionmane is a mutant with impenetrable skin and enhanced strength. Lionmane is a skilled swordsman and fighter.

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