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 Lionfang with his feline assassins.
 Lionfang with his feline assassins.

Dr. Alejandro Cortez was a school teacher that created a machine involving limited thought transferral and had plans to give students the knowledge of their professors. However budget cuts killed his experimental education projects and never received a grant he was promised for his new teaching techniques. Cortez was furious and swore revenge. He used his machine on giant cats and gave them some of his knowledge in exchange for their ferocity and fearlessness.  
Cortez sent one of his feline students, a tiger to kill an accountant named Clark Seacreast in New York's City Hall who was auditing for the Board of Education. The mayor asked for Luke Cage to help with the case regarding the feline assassins. Luke Cage left the mayor's office when he was suddenly attacked by three, ferocious jungle cats. Cage realized these cats were speaking limited English and Spanish during the attack. Cage survives the attack but is quickly hospitalized because the claws from each cat were coated with poison. Cage would recover and go to a Bronx tenement to speak with Mrs. Cortez. She tells Cage she hasn't seen her husband since his projects lost the funds. Cage looks at the wall in their apartment and sees various circus themed posters. Cage goes to the circus that was playing at Madison Square Garden after hours and encounter Lionfang and his jungle cats. During the fight, Lionfang tries to use the trapeze to escape. Cage smashes the last pole leading to the balcony and Cortez appears to have died during the fall.   
Cortez survived the fall but suffered a broken back and was wheelchair bound. Cortez was found guilty of murder but only served a three year sentence. Cortez would change his name to Alexander Comillo and work as an enforcer for a drug dealer in Philadelphia. Luke Cage got caught up in this mess when one of his old friends named Leodis Dyson was beat down by Hammerhead because his boss, Mr. Negative wanted a piece of the Philly drug trade. Cage was able to locate Comillo's residence by having a friend hack into the cell phone company records. Cage entered the residence and was greeted by Comillo in his wheelchair. Comillo activated a switch on his chair and a door opened up behind Cage. The former Hero for Hire was ambushed by three large, jungle cats and Cage realized it was his old enemy, Lionfang. Comillo called off his cats and told Cage he was just trying to keep the peace so his employer and his clients can go about their business unmolested. Cage tries to shake down Comillo but he refused to budge and give up his employer's name. Cage wanted Comillo to tell his boss that he is coming for him and he'll be lucky if he winds up in a wheelchair. 

Powers & Abilities

Lionfang possessed a thought transfer helmet he used to control his jungle cats. The giant cats possessed some of Cortez's knowledge and provided them the ability to speak limited English and Spanish. The claws from each cat were coated with poison allowing the deadly chemical to enter the victim's body when they were lacerated. Lionfang could also fire bolts of energy from his gauntlet that disrupted the nervous system causing intense pain. Lionfang no longer needs his helmet to control his cats due to technological advances. The cats have receivers in their brains and Lionfang communicates with them through a compact earpiece.

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