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Lion man was an American-born, college educated, scientist, sent by the United Nations to watch over the 'Magic Mountain' of the African Gold Coast. Within its crater lies the world’s largest deposit of uranium - enough to make an atom bomb that could destroy the world. Lion Man’s job is to report on the doings of any treacherous nation that might seek to carry away any of the lethal stuff for the purpose of war. Also a member of the Zulu Tribe, he was known only as the Lion, or Lion Man.


In his single published adventure, Lion Man was joined by the young orphan Bubba in protecting the uranium from Dr. Blut Sangro and his henchman Brosser. Lion Man's detective skills made him aware of their presence, and equipment in his laboratory helped track them. Lion Man made short work of the pair. Though Bubba killed Brosser with machine gun fire, Dr. Sangro escaped to swear vengeance.

Powers and abilities

Lion man possess peak human strength, speed agility and athleticism.


Genius level intellect in the areas of physics, biology, and engineering.


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