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Linus Dorfman was a deranged man who had grown up torturing animals because it pleased him. He would also practice self-flagellation in order to punish himself for what he did. His disturbed tendencies eventually led him to murder the nighttime zookeeper of the Central Park Zoo so that he could torture the animals there.  


Linus Dorfman was created by Larry Hama and Marc Silvestri.  

Major Story Arcs

Under The Skin

While Wolverine was making his way through Central Park, he picked up the scent of blood and made his way to the nearby zoo where he came across a caged and injured wolverine. Wolverine was then attacked by Linus, who was willing to kill him so that he could continue torturing the animals there. Linus managed to stab Wolverine through the hand, but he quickly backed off when the X-Man popped his claws. Deciding on some poetic justice, Wolverine released the enraged wolverine from its cage and sicced it on Linus, which chased him off into Central Park.

The Mask of Ogun

Linus managed to survive his ordeal with the wolverine, and ended up escalating his violent tendecies towards people. While Sabretooth was locked up in his cell at the Xavier Institute, he was seen watching a Trish Tilby news report on TV about how the police had cornered serial killer Linus Dorfman outside of his apartment.

The Dying Game

Wolverine later ended up catching the rest of the news report about Linus, where it was detailed about how Linus had resisted arrest, savagely attacking the police, and even tearing out an officer's throat with his mouth before he was beaten into submission. Trish Tilby called out on the sheer police brutality, but the police insisted that the excessive force was necessary due to Linus' violent resistance.   

Powers and Abilities

Linus Dorfman was, decide what some may think, still a human being, and he therefore had no real superhuman powers. He did however have a high tolerance for pain due to his numerous sessions of self-flagellation, and considerably savage tendencies. 
Linus has shown to be capable with both a knife, as well as a handgun, and has also shown to be a dangerous opponent even when unarmed.

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