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Link is a mutant that didn't like to use his powers of telekinesis unless needed to. All he wanted to do was hit the streets and entertain the people with his mime act and juggling skills. The crowd loved him but they didn't reciprocate with any money when he passed his hat around. Link was down on his luck and found a haven for misfit mutants called the Heartbreak Hotel. Link would befriend the Beast and Dazzler when she went there after her light powers were out of control. Dazzler was under contract to a sleazy producer named Hugo Longride that promised her the ability to perform in his underground theater which was actually a front for gladiator style fights. Dazzler would fall under the influence of a mutant named Alexander Flynn who claimed to be the illegitimate son of Doctor Doom. Flynn had Hugo killed and he took over his gladiators. Flynn held Dazzler and Beast hostage so another mutant at the Heartbreak Hotel named Poltergeist decided to help her. Link went with his friend and would use his telekinesis to clean up after Poltergeist when his powers went crazy.  The two misfit mutants found the entrance to the underground arena where Link was forced to use his powers to kill two guards by crushing their heads. Link and Poltergeist found Beast and Dazzler fighting for their lives and intervened. Flynn found out that Poltergeist was mostly responsible for the turbulence and caught him from behind. Link saved his friend by lifting Flynn off the ground and started to choke him out with his powers. Dazzler reminded Link not to cross the line and kill Flynn so the mutant released his hold. Flynn was taken down with a light blast from Dazzler and the other gladiators were no longer under his hypnotic hold. Link and Poltergeist would return back to the Heartbreak Hotel after the victory.


Link was created by Ann Nocenti and Don Perlin in 1985 and first appeared in Beauty and the Beast # 2. 

Powers & Abilities

Link is a mutant that possessed the powers of telekinesis. He could easily move objects as heavy as a tree or boulder and would use him powers to choke or crush his opponents.

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