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    Link is a member of Stormwatch, a skilled technician who created a containment suit for Fuji among other things. He is a friend of Battalion and was also a friend of Battalion's father, Despot.

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    Link joined the original Stormwatch team at the same time as Backlash. Not much is known about Link prior to him joining Stormwatch; however, in "Stormwatch P.H.D. (issue # 23), Hellstrike states that Link had a wife. Her name was Mary Adams. She died of breast cancer in 1975. Link took her death very hard, but he persevered.


    Tech Guru
    Tech Guru

    Link is one of the men who were ordered to release Despot and the Warguard from their cryogenic stasis. Link's superiors felt that Despot and his Warguard would help them battle Helspont and his Daemonite army. The U.N. Council made a critical mistake. Despot and the Warguard could not be controlled. Upon being released, Despot killed all the troops that had accompanied Link. Despot acknowledged that he knew Link, and stated that he only spared Link's life, so that Link could report back to the council.

    Stormwatch P.H.D.

    Link was back a member of Stormwatch Prime, after he took a brief hiatus.

    World's End

    Link is one of the few Stormwatch members who noticed that Battalion had acted strangely. Link also found it odd that Jackson did not want Link to discuss Fuji's activities with anyone. Fuji had been confined to a containment pod for several months. Link confided in Hellstrike and told him the sounds he heard coming from Fuji's containment pod.

    Next Link almost died after the Kheran Knights launched a sneak attack on Skywatch II. Link was healed by non other than Fuji himself. Link questioned Fuji's new abilities because Fuji performed a feat that the Authority's Engineer could not have done.

    Powers & Abilities

    Stormwatch PHD #9
    Stormwatch PHD #9

    Link does not have any powers, but he is one of the greatest minds in the Wildstorm Universe.

    Some technological feats of Link are:

    • He created Fuji's containment suit
    • He created Hellstrike's containment suit
    • He re-built Spartan to battle Despot. Spartan is made of Kherubim technology. Kherubium tech is alien in origin and is considered to be the best tech in the Wildstorm Universe.
    • Engineered the "solar sails" that powered Stormwatch's orbital space station; Skywatch III.
    • He helped Spartan create the "mental dampening collars" Stormwatch used to fight Despot. The collars were designed to mask the mental signature of its wearer; preventing the wearer (of the collar) from being mind controlled.


    Link's right arm is a cybernetic prosthetic.


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