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    The head of the Nobili family who swore revenge on the Punisher after the death of his sons. He later became an enemy of the Inhumans and an ally to Maximus and the Unspoken.

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    Gordon Nobili was part of a criminal organization that used his intellect to outsmart his rivals and enemies. When the Terrigen Mists came he transformed into a purple-skinned humanoid who gained the ability to talk to dead people in his Lineage.


    Lineage was created by Charles Soule and Jefte Palo and first appeared in Thunderbolts #14.

    Major Story Arcs


    Lineage learned of his Inhuman DNA when he was exposed to the Terrigen Mists that transformed him into a purple-skinned creature. He soon encountered and fought the Thunderbolts.


    Lineage has since joined the Inhumans in the fallen city of Attilan, currently located in the New York Hudson Bay. Although Lineage seems to be working for the Inhumans, he is keeping many secrets from them with more sinister purposes.

    Lineage revealed his true colors when he captured Capo and shot Gorgon, paralyzing him. He stole the Inhuman Codex and tried to wage war against the human world. He disabled the Attilan Royal Family with the Codex and was going to win, but then it was revealed that Karnak was part of his lineage. Karnak found the weakness in Lineage and returned back to life.

    Personal Statistics


    • Height: Unknown
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Eye Color: Black
    • Hair Color: Bald


    • Identity: Secret
    • Place of Birth: Likely New York
    • Citizenship: America, Attilan
    • Education: Unknown
    • Occupation: Mob boss, criminal
    • Known Relatives: Carmen Nobili (son), Joseph Nobili (son), Karnak (distant relative), Triton (distant relative, multiple unknown relatives used.


    Lineage has the ability to talk with his death ancestors. He can pull them out and see their faces on his skin. If you die and you are in Lineage his lineage, you go to his soul hell which is guarded by 2 brutes. If you manage to open the door you can come back from the dead.

    Lineage also has superhuman physicals, agility and is pretty smart. He's also decently skilled as in more than an average human.


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