Lindy Reynolds

    Character » Lindy Reynolds appears in 55 issues.

    Lindy Reynolds was the wife of Robert Reynolds, the superhero better known as The Sentry.

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    Life Among Superheroes

    Lindy Reynolds was first mentioned by Spider-Man who claimed that she and Mary Jane were planning a double date to the movies. She was first seen sitting at a dinning room table in Watchtower eating dinner and happily talking with The Sentry. Once finished, they left the table to retire to the bedroom. Sentry returned to his original Robert Reynolds form, but Lindy strongly hinted that she would rather sleep with the Sentry. However, Robert failed to understand, upsetting Lindy who walked into the bedroom alone.

    Lindy often spent time tending the garden on a Watchtower balcony. She was friends with Susan Richards, (the Invisible Woman) and often spent time chatting with her when hosting parties. Lindy once told Susan about the frustration she she felt due for enduring the superhero-spouse lifestyle and constantly moving. Lindy was a caring person once let the Hulk, who had been brutally beaten and severely injured, sleep on her floor while she sat by his side and tried to tend his wounds. She practiced yoga and was suspected that she might of had an affair with her instructor.

    Death & Resurrection

    Tragically, Lindy was killed by the murderous robot Ultron. Miraculously, she was somehow resurrected when her husband, the Sentry, found her dead body and simply touched her. Feeling disbelief at her resurrection and frightened by her husband's seemingly limitless power Lindy went to Tony Stark and begged him to either find a way to reduce the Sentry's power or find a way to kill him because she feared that might one day he lose his grip on his sanity and kill everyone.

    Living In Fear

    During the events of the Skrull Invasion one of the Skrulls managed to break into the Watchtower and threatened Lindy. Fortunately for Lindy the Sentry returned but unfortunately for the Skrull he returned as his evil alter ego, the Void. Robert, as the Void, viciously beat the Skrull and saved her stating that whatever he couldn't do as the Sentry he could do as the Void.

    After taking over Stark Tower, Norman Osborn paid a visit to Robert inside the Watchtower. Lindy was in the bedroom laying on the bed when Norman asked Robert a few questions about Lindy. It was during this conversation that Robert explained to Osborn that he was aware of how Lindy was afraid of him. When Osborn and Robert left, the fearful Lindy remained on the bed wide-eyed with tears running down her face.

    Her Husband's Assassin

    After fighting the X-Men and another fight with the Void, Sentry returned to the Watchtower. He searched for Lindy, but couldn't find her. When he asked CLOC for Lindy's whereabouts, it responded that she was right behind him. When Sentry turned around Lindy was waiting, pointing a ray gun at him. She explained that he was keeping her there against her will. Afraid that no-one on Earth could stop him, let alone her. The gun was from an alien who was sat down stairs, so when Lindy shot Sentry at point blank range in the face it caused him to fall to the ground.

    It appeared that she had killed him, leaving Sentry's body lying on the floor with his face melted. However, Sentry was seen alive & in action not long after the incident, proving that the attempted murder of her husband was a failure. Despite this she was still living with the Sentry when he flew her to the escape planes during the evacuation of the Dark Avenger's tower. Keeping in mind that his affection for Lindy was his only known weakness Norman Osborn, then the leader of the Dark Avengers and the head of H.A.M.M.E.R., ordered Bullseye to kill her so he could psychologically exploit the Sentry's grief. Bullseye accomplished this mission by violently choking her to death and then throwing her out of a helicopter.


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