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Lifeguard Duty
Lifeguard Duty

Lindy Nolan was a lifeguard in Sydney, Australia who was on duty when she was snatched up by a selection beam from the Worldmind, taking her to Nu-Xandar. She had just been deemed worthy to become part of a massive recruitment of thousands of humans into the Nova Corps by the Worldmind, who was seeking to replenish the Corps after its near total destruction by Annihilus.


Lindy Nolan was created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Andrea Di Vito and first appeared in Nova Vol. 4 issue 22 (2009).

Major Story Arcs

Joining the Corps

Lindy was not aware that she was being mentally coerced into the service through a combination of endorphins and subliminal messages. As far as she knew, she had gladly accepted the duties of a Nova Centurion and agreed with the Worldmind's decisions. Her only complaint was the download of information directly into her brain giving her way more information that she needed, feeling her head was getting filled with junk data about the long complicated histories of the Shi'ar and the Kree.

War of Kings

In a Warzone
In a Warzone

Very soon after her recruitment, the Worldmind decided that the Nova Corps needed to intercede in the sudden war between the Shi'ar and Kree. She was expected to fight in an intergalactic war when she was just beginning her training in zero gravity combat, and this was the case for almost all of the newly recruited Centurions. Lindy was thrown into the deep end when deployed to the Kree colony world of Kaiphas. The Nova Corps arrival was too late. Kaiphas had already been reduced to charcoal by a Nega-Bomb, and she had to take refuge in the wreckage of an orbital shipyard to avoid being killed by Shi'ar forces. She and her fellow Nova Centurions were pinned down.

Sticking with the Corps
Sticking with the Corps

Richard Rider, once again the Nova Prime, arrived just in time to prevent her and Tre Owens from being killed by Warstar of the Imperial Guard. He destroyed the Shi'ar ship pinning them down and escorted them back to the safety of Nu-Xandar, filling her in on what had been happening with the Worldmind, Ego and the mental coercion. Richard was sending all the new recruits home, but Lindy volunteered to stay on and help as much as she could.

Later, when Richard had rescued his brother and completed the Nova Corps pullout from the War of Kings, he agreed to let Lindy and the other Centurions who volunteered to remain as part of a greatly scaled down Nova Corps.

The New Corps

 Probationer Nolan
Probationer Nolan

In the restructured Nova Corps, Lindy accepted the lesser rank of Probationer as did all of the other new recruits.


As only a Probationer in the Nova Corps, Lindy possesses only a percent of the power of a full-fledged Nova Centurion.

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