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    A member of the Court of Owls who claims to be Bruce Wayne's younger brother Thomas Wayne Jr. who was supposedly killed in utero due to a car crash.

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    In a story told by Lincoln to Bruce Wayne, Lincoln's parents died in a car accident in his youth. He doesn't remember the faces of his parents - only the pin his mother was wearing the day of the accident, which killed them both. Lincoln made this pin for his mother at school in ceramics. It was a little heart - one side was bigger than the other side was. After their death, Lincoln was a hopeless child. After school, he went to college and "Gotham City saved him".

    It is later revealed that Lincoln's story to Bruce was somewhat of a lie. In reality, Lincoln was a member of the Court of Owls, and former resident of Willowwood Home for Children, as he was born "hurt" due to a car accident caused by the Court of Owls, and was placed there by his parents, who he claims to be Thomas and Martha Wayne, thus making him Bruce's younger brother. He got the alias "Lincoln March" based on the street corner of Lincoln and March, where Martha Wayne was involved in a car accident while pregnant with him.


    Lincoln March was created by Scott Snyder. He first appeared after the DC relaunch of 2011.

    Major Story Arcs

    Court of Owls

    Lincoln March, Gotham's young Mayoral candidate was introduced to Bruce Wayne at an event Bruce was holding in order to gain support for his Gotham revitalization project. Sometime later, he'd set up a meeting with Bruce at Old Wayne Tower to discuss his support. He tells Bruce that they are very much alike, speaking about the night his parents died, remembering a heart shaped pin his mother used to wear. Later, he continues and speaks about the threats recently made on Bruce's life, supposedly placed by the Court of Owls, a society of urban legend within Gotham. Before Lincoln can say too much, the two are attacked by the Talon, who wounded March, putting him in the hospital.

    Lincoln would spend the next few weeks in the hospital, recovering from his wounds, but it wouldn't be the last he saw of the Court. When the Court launched a full attack on Gotham City, known as The Night of the Owls, Lincoln's name was on the hit list, and was killed by Alton Carver, one of the Court's many Talons. Before he dies, he manages to give Batman a list of Court member names, intended for Bruce.

    When Batman looks into the names of those on Lincoln's list, he finds the Court's secret base, but finds many of the members dead, having been poisoned prior to Batman's arrival. The next morning, unable to let it go, Bruce feels as if something isn't adding up with the Court. Looking at a portrait of his parents, Bruce notices something, that tips him off as to who is behind it. He travels to the morgue to inspect Lincoln's body, but finds nothing but a note, asking him to follow deeper into the "rabbit hole."

    Using clues left behind, Bruce tracks Lincoln down to the Willowwod Home for Children, positioned on Gotham's only sink hole. Inside, he finds Lincoln waiting for him. Revealing that he was a member of the Court all along, and having ingested the serum that brought the Talons back from the dead, Lincoln continuously asks Bruce who he is, and why the Court accepted him into their ranks. Bruce refuses to directly answer the question, claiming Lincoln to just be a pawn the Court could easily manipulate, something that angers Lincoln immensely, as he demands to know what tipped Bruce off to him. Bruce remains silent, until Lincoln screams "Say it!" as Bruce finally reveals that it was the heart shaped pin in Lincoln's story, the very same pin he saw on his mother, Martha's portrait. Lincoln then asks Bruce again, "Who am I?" With Bruce still reluctant to answer/accept the possible truth, Lincoln reveals that he is Thomas Wayne Jr., Bruce's younger brother. Bruce refuses to accept Lincoln's claims, but Lincoln tells him that he knows it to be true, he knows that back when he was three, he was supposed to have a brother, but then there was an accident, and he was born with a condition that forced the Waynes to leave him at Willowwood, to be forgotten after their deaths. Lincoln reveals the truths Bruce was looking for, the Court of Owls didn't kill their parents, that was all Bruce's fault, and it is something Lincoln intends to take revenge on.

    Nightwing: Rebirth

    March is in Crete, Greece and has invited the members who see The Court of Owls on an international scale. He calls the members the Parliament of Owls and don black versions of the owl masks The Court wears. March is shot through the eye by an unseen adversary. It is revealed to be Raptor and believe March gets in his own way and everyone else's.

    Powers & Abilities

    Lincoln March has a specially designed suit that enhances strength ,durability and provides flight capabilities.In addition the suit also comes equipped with wrist blades & daggers and also has a grappling line and explosives that leveled a tower. March is also extremely intelligent, and has a vast fortune. He has fought Batman and was on par, if not stalemating/surpassing Bruce in almost all physical categories.March also drank the Talon serum which grants him near superhuman speed and strength as well as a powerful healing factor


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