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Born in the small town of Zephillia, Lina would eventually run away from home and became a sorceress infamous throughout the lands as Lina Inverse, the Enemy of All Who Live!


Lina Inverse was created by Hajime Kanzaka for an amateur story contest in Dragon magazine in 1989. He not only won the contest but was offered to continue it as a serial feature in the magazine. These were later collected into a series of novels and were popular enough to inspire several manga and anime series based upon it. Lina Inverse was created specifically to be the antithesis of stereotypical heroines; she is not only short but very petite in addition to her greedy, materialistic personality does not normally match that of most heroes.


Born in the small town of Zephillia, Lina was the youngest daughter to her parents and had an elder sister, Luna. Although her parents ran the town's grocery store; her father was an ex-swordsman and her mother was a retired sorceress and they both passed on their skills to Lina. Despite her raw intelligence and innate skill in sorcery, Lina felt constantly overshadowed by her beautiful and even stronger sister, Luna who was much more powerful than her.

Luna Inverse; the Strongest Waitress in the World
Luna Inverse; the Strongest Waitress in the World

As a mere child, Luna Inverse was said to have slain a dragon with nothing more than a kitchen knife and could cut through a Dragon Slave, the most powerful black magic spell known (and the equivalent of a magical tactical nuclear bomb) with a regular sword and was ultimately named as the Knight of Ceiphied.

With an elder sister like that; Lina developed a massive inferiority complex towards her. When their family suffered from hard times, Luna took a job as a waitress to help make ends meet while Lina, a budding entrepreneur; created a magical device that would project large scale images. She promptly used this projector to sell images of her sister bathing. Luna was not pleased and her legendary wrath and the punishment that she inflicted upon Lina continues to terrify her years later.

It was this incident that apparently prompted Lina to run away from home. She would become an apprentice to a magical academy where she quickly gained her mastery and was awarded her own Color Title; a prestigious denotation of magical ability as only the greatest of magic users and wielders such as the legendary Rezo the Red Priest. However much to her embarrassment, Lina hated being referred to as Lina the Pink and only rarely utilizes it.

Rather than teaching or theorizing or studying magic, Lina decided to embark on a life of adventuring and would become known (or perhaps notorious) as she wanders the world in search of money, power, and food. Her favorite tactic is to destroy various bandit gangs and stealing their loot for herself earning her the nickname of "The Bandit Killer". Her legendary temper, her stick-like figure, gluttonous appetite, and tendency to cause massive collateral damage and mayhem have resulted in her reputation as "The Enemy of All Who Live" and even dragons have been known to be repulsed or scared off by her mere presence resulting in many referring to her as "The Dragon Spooker" or more formally as "The One Whom Dragons Step Clear Out of Sheer Revulsion". While she prefers to refer to herself as the "Beautiful Genius Sorceress", most refer to her as "that Brainless Breast-less Sorceress".

Lina & her companions
Lina & her companions

However her considerable power and tendency to get into trouble has resulted in Lina becoming involved in a number of world threatening situations and she has found herself forced to help save the world from disaster and destruction every so often; although she usually tries to make sure that someone pays her for her troubles.

Her main traveling companion is Gourry Gabriev and the two secretly fall in love with each other.

Powers & Abilities

Lina might have named herself as a "Genius Sorceress", but her boasts aren't exactly without some merit. Aside from the fact that she can cast extraordinarily high-level spells and incantations; unlike the vast majority of magic wielders, she can wield spells from various different schools including Shamanistic and White Magic, although she is perhaps best known for her mastery of Black Magic. Most magic wielders usually only specialize in one major school unlike Lina who has been known to cast spells from all of them.

Among her spells include the most powerful Black Magic Spell of them all—the Dragon Slave. Over centuries, this spell name has become garbled and corrupted from it's original namesake: Dragon Slayer. This spell can not only kill a dragon in one shot, but is capable of wiping out an entire mountain or even an entire city easily.

Lina is also capable of casting other more powerful spells with assistance. Frequently, she employs her Demon Blood Talismans, a set of four ruby gems that she wears on her person that enable her to greatly boost her magical capacity. With the aid of these gems, she can cast the Giga Slave; an even more powerful and destructive spell than the Dragon Slave. The Giga Slave is capable of annihilating anything and even an imperfect version of this spell was capable of slaying one of the High Mazoku (Demon Lords) such as Ruby Eye Shabranigdo. Lina's first attempt at utilizing this spell created a "sea of death" where nothing can grow even to this day. Lina has since perfected the casting of this spell when she inadvertently discovered that this spell called upon the Lord of Nightmares who created the World itself. However this spell is a dangerous, double-edged sword as if Lina should lose control of the massive magical forces she is wielding, this spell can erase all of existence.

List of Spells used by Lina Inverse

Black Magic

  • Dragon Slave
  • Giga Slave

Shamanistic Magic

  • Fireball
  • Flare Arrow
  • Freeze Arrow
  • Ice Ball
  • Levitation
  • Wind Barrier

White Magic

  • Healing Spell


  • Ragna Blade

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