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    Character » Limbo Queen appears in 29 issues.

    The Highborn was once orphaned by Venus and later became the Mistress of Limbo. Alicia is a being of vast magical power and member of the Dark Horde.

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    When Alicia was a little girl, her parents were killed by Venus. It is unrevealed how she became the ruler of the Limbo of Myst.


    She first appeared in Grimm Fairy Tales #65, but was named in Grimm Fairy Tales #66.

    Character Evolution

    The character has proven herself consistently to be a foul manipulator of events and to take them and use them for her own villainous ends.

    Major Story Arcs

    As a denizen of the realm of Myst she has her own interests in seeking control. She enters into a partnership with the Goblin Queen and Baba Yaga as Sela and Druanna enter Limbo. She also controls Jack the Giant Killer. After tricking Sela into charging Druanna's staff, she creates an army of mindless killers.

    Bad Girls

    Limbo Queen seeks revenge on Venus
    Limbo Queen seeks revenge on Venus

    At the conclusion of the Bad Girls series it is revealed that Venus has been manipulating the group of assembled villainesses. After conferring with Jack the Giant Killer, the Limbo Queen orders him away, finally ready to settle old grievances with Venus. Venus had previously left her an orphan that would eventually come to control all of Limbo. The Limbo Queen attacks her but she is quickly defeated by Venus, who leaves her for dead. In the temple of the Monks of the Michi No, Britney Waters has figured out how to control the Mandersoon and goes through a portal to join her allies. She first journeys to find Samantha Darren and frees her from the control of the Queen of Spades and the Goblin Queen. They have managed to draw off Samantha’s magical power into a sphere. She is quickly subdued by the two villains, but they flee. She rescues Samantha and transports back through another portal, arriving to help her allies in Las Vegas. Here the villains join Baba Yaga against Sela and Nathan Cross, who have also temporarily joined forces with the Dark One. It is revealed that the crown that the Goblin Queen had been using to control her forces was never out of her control, but after revealing this she is killed by Venus. Sela threatens the remaining three and they disappear to unknown locations. The Goblin Queen’s forces come to retrieve, indicating that she may in fact not be dead even though she appears to be.

    Cinderella: Age of Darkness

    Having joined the Dark Horde, she is mercilessly murdered by Hades when he comes to kill the Dark Queen.

    Powers and Abilities

    She is a being of vast magical power.


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