Lily Martagon

    Character » Lily Martagon appears in 24 issues.

    Bufkin's "girlfriend" and narrator of his epic adventures.

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    Lily is one of the many girls that were born from the magical barleycorn seeds. The same seeds that had were used to create Thumbelina. While the rest of Fabletown had escaped during the building's destruction, Bufkin was stuck inside the office building. However, it had mysteriously disappeared, leaving him unable to return to the others. He wasn't alone, he was stuck with Baba Yaga and the freed genie. Realizing the danger, Bufkin used the barleycorn and used Lily and her "sisters" for help in defeating her. After a long thought out plan, Bufkin, Frankenstein, and the Barleycorn maidens were able to stop Baba Yaga.

    However, his final confrontation with her cost him his wings. Lily and the other maidens tended to his wounds as best he could. While still trying to figure a way out, Lily out of boredom suggested she and Bufkin get married. Bufkin was very set against the hair-brained scheme, for several reasons. she was too small for him, he didn't feel like playing her childish game, and another they were different species. Although Lily expressed she had no interest in bestiality, she still insisted on pretending. Meaning she has the mind of like a child or she's just very silly and may not understand what she says. Since it appears she calls herself his girlfriend, though he shows no interest in her.

    She followed Bufkin through his adventures to Oz.


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