Character » Lilliput appears in 6 issues.

    A darkwing Duck Villain who communicate with and control ants

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    Lilliput owned the miniature golf course, Gooney Golf, and was using a strange hat to communicate with and control ants. With his tiny minions, and his trusty shrink ray, he began turning St. Canard's monuments into miniature props for his golf course. This is essentially his modus operandi, as well as collecting some cash along the way. He is defeated when he shrinks Darkwing down to the size of the germ, and the caped crusader "infects" him.


    Lilliput first appeared on the Darkwing Duck Tv show. His first comic appearence was in 2011

    Major Arcs

    Mayoral Race
    His comic apperance wasn't much of an apperance. He appeared as an illusion of Darkwing's rogue Gallery of the past created by Sufrage.

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