Character » Lilith appears in 28 issues.

    The succubus Morrigan was deemed too powerful by her father Belial, and her power was split in three. One part she got to keep, the second Belial kept, and the third was sealed away, eventually becoming Lilith.

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    Lilith is souless being. Part of Morrigan, she was found by Jedah who promised her body when she finished completing the task of gathering Darkstalkers. Lilith, like Morrigan, searches for new sensation. She loves the sight (and taste) of blood and sees fighting asjust merely playing around. Lilith also takes her responsibilty seriously looking for Morrigan so they can reunite and rule the Maki as one entity she's accomplished this when she combined with Morrigan afterwards she felt a new sensation in herself. In another reality Lilith seemingly failed her quest and disappearing only inches away from Morrigan, though Morrigan felt a strong connection with the isis ring a family Heirloom this may mean that Lilth didn't completely fail her quest.

    Powers and Abilities

    Lilith though being a succubus isn't prone to feeding off her male enemies like her Busty counterpart. Lilith like Morrigan can switch between her clothes with a mere flip. She also has bats that tend to her every will may it be a bed, a projectile, or a giant palette of green energy. She's also able to form another illusion of herself. Also the abilty to hold a puppet show starring her opponents.

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