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    In Jewish folklore Lilith was Adam's first wife, but was expelled from Eden and became a demon. She is mentioned in the Bible, Babylonian Talmud and the Zohar Leviticus, but this fiery demon mother has possible origins in ancient Mesopotamian religion and mythology.

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    Lilith was first wife to Adam in paradise, she was also molded from clay. She however didn't want to be lower than Adam, she wanted to be his equal. For that she was cast from paradise, she was angry and copulated with demons. She brought many horrors to this world. Knowing that God is still angry at her, she devised a safeguard plan. She created Vampirella as a conduit. If she would be dead, every kill Vampirella makes is a sacrifice needed for her resurrection. When Vampirella was killed by Nyx, and arrived to hell, she witnessed how God killed her mother. Vampirella was cast from hell and she re-started on her quest to rid the world from demons. Thus, she fulfilled her role, and Lilith rose again. Vampirella learned what Lilith did and killed her again for that. Before Vampirella, Lilith created Magdelene and Madek with the same purpose as Vampirella, but they went mad on the way from paradise to earth. For what reason she created Draculina is still a mystery. It's only known that she preferred Vampirella over Draculina, and that made her target for Draculina's hate.

    DC Comics

    Lilith is called "the mother of all atrocities". She is mother to many in DC's magic community that use black arts.

    Marvel Comics

    The Mother of Demons! Her origin predates earth, but she is a goddess in Ancient Atlantis. She is known as the archmother of witchcraft and creates and develops new forms of magic.

    Night Phoenix Press

    Lilith was first wife to Adam in the Garden of Eden, molded from clay just as Adam. They lived in the garden together, but trouble began when, during sex she did not want to lay under Adam, but wanted to be on top. They argued and Adam complained to God. She was cast from paradise and copulated with Satan. She herself was made into a demon and from her womb came the many demonic abominations that plague us to this day. In modern day America a Lilitu named Nightevil, hopes for the return of the Holy Mother and has devoted herself to destroying the children of Eve.

    Image Comics/Crimson

    Called, Lisseth, she helped Ekimus create the vampire race.

    Image Comics/Spawn

    Lilith is called the anti-Angel. She was imprisoned in Limbo and battled Angela and eaten by Argus.


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