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    Lilith "Mother of Demons" is originally a goddess, dating back to Pre-Sumeria.

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    Lilith - Evil
    Lilith - Evil

    The Origin Of Lilith is still shrouded in mystery. Lilith may have as a child been present before any major civilization had been created at a time when gods and demons still were fashioning the earth but it is in Ancient Atlantis she takes her place as a goddess. Her powers over the world being still similar to that of her role as a member of the Annunaki, it may be here that Lilith developed and created various new magic, as she is known as the archmother of witchcraft.

    Perhaps even learning directly from the first magics that were created by Chthon. Her most horrific magical experiment seemed to be her involvement in the creation of the first Vampire. She perhaps was the one that instructed the ancient magic to the Atlantian sorcerer's led by Varnae.

    When the old gods of Atlantis vanished from the consiousness of mankind. Lilith would rise again as a memeber of the Annunaki, Lilith is perhaps linked to early dark deities, her father may have been none other than the dark gods Aehr and Ahriman. She may also have connections to the Son of Sky God Anu the god Dagon (Enlil), Lilith may have been adopted by him and then later she may have turned consort and gained the name Ninlil.

    When Lilith wasn't on earth she spent her time in the Celestial Dilmun, which was an asteroid with similarities to that of Ancient Sumeria, this place was know as Allatum, Lilith ruled the realm called Sheol, with her demon spawn race known as the Sebettu. On Earth, Lilith ruled over the underworld, as a goddess preciding over the death and rebirth of the living. She had control over the desolate places, the darkness, storms, magic, health and diseases. As time progresses she became a recognised deity in Sumer, Babylon and Palestine. In this time she would work with Inanna, goddess of Love and War, while Inanna would enjoy the killing of war, Lilith's role was to gather the fallen souls and take them to the underworld where they would wait until rebirth. Lilith eventually would start to resent Inanna as she would gain the praise of the other gods. While Lilith's job was more important, she was ignored, and so the two would constantly argue.

    Lilith constantly being upstaged by Inanna would lose her temper and generate chaos in the world of the living. She would kill the children of the couples that were brought together by Inanna, she would generate viscious sand storms, bringing death and disease, these acts caused mortals and gods alike to fear her. With the change in culture from outside interference and introduction of the Akkadian's, Lilith started to transform along with her image. As the people started fearing her as a Storm Demon, known as Lilitu and Dimme, she gained the power of this persona also.

    Lilith as Lilitu/ Dimme was a Goddess known as the Daughter of Anu, and unlike the other gods who only punished mortals because of Sin against the gods, Lilith would attack them continuously as to make sure they always had faith in something more than themselves and also to guarantee her survival and legacy. She was given many titles ranging from The Terrible One, Goddess Of Trials And Tribulations, She Who Increases Suffering, Goddess Of Fate and She Who Erases.

    Later in Babylonian rule she would take the name Ishtar and merge with Innana. While Innana would take the role of the Goddess of Love, her more deadlier aspects as a Bloodlusted Warlord would be taken over by Lilith. This aspect of Lilith would also be connected to the underworld in the Marvel Universe the Decent of Ishtar would have been the event that may have caused Ishtar to seperate into individual entities and when Lilith returned from the underworld she again took up a similar role to the earlier Lilitu/ Dimme but under the name the Lamashtu and again began terrorising the civilization.

    As Lamashtu she would battle her cousin Pazuzu, because he would constantly interfere with her plans to make pregnant mothers suffer, offering them his amulet for protection from her. Lilith, far from amused from his interference, would wage war on him by sending storms of death into his territory, which would consume his followers.

    Lilith would travel into the land of the Ancient Greeks, where the Olympian god Zeus would be taken by her dark and strange beauty. Soon a love affair would take place and Lilith would bare his children. She soon started to rise in the ranks of the greek gods and became Lamia Goddess Of Prophecy. Some say she already had this gift, others believe that Zeus gave it to her as a token of his love.

    Unfortunately, history loved to repeat itself and Hera soon would start a campaign against her. Hera took great plans to trap Lilith and Zeus' children in another dimention. As soon as this was done Lilith again raged through Ancient Greece destroying all of Hera's marriage unions. Seducing men as they slept and conceiving more and more children. This race would become known as the Lamiae, and they would do as their mother did, to remind Hera of who she opposed.

    Lilith survived the Great Cataclysm in Atlantis. A Sumerian god, tainted as a demon she eventually withdraw to the desert beyond the Euphrates, abducting unbaptised children and visiting men in their dreams (the beginning of the succubus myth). Ruling mortal kingdoms, she conceived powerful children, including the demonic Lilin; her lovers included the angel Shemhazai, the fertility god Attis, the Olympian Zeus and the Judeo-Christian God.

    Lilith is believed to have spawned a multitude of different races. Stories say she fought Gilgamesh, circa 3000 B.C., over inhabiting Inanna's sacred willow tree, which she wished to make her throne and royal wedding bed from. Over two millennia later, Lilith challenged Solomon, banisher of demons, with help from the Lilin. She seduced him, taking the form of her daughter the Queen of Sheba, Lilith then went on to conceive by Solomon.

    She made a return to Mesopotamia, but by then the introduction of early Judaism had begun and her history changed again where she became a divine being that was cast out along with Sammael, the Devil in later mythos. Sammael and Lilith along with her sister Na'amah joined forces, but after his banishment to hell she saw no future with him and left to concentrate on her own plans. Lilith would later be forced to become a consort of the first "human" Adam K'ad-mon, she conceived the Mazikim by Adam but ultimately refused to be subservient, and when he tried to rape her she attacked him and rose up into the air and vanished.

    She rose to heaven where she tempted the Judeo-Christian God, she succeeded in gaining his mystical name which allowed her to have power over him and then they mated. During this time it is hinted that she regained her goddess status in such sources as the Kabbalah.

    Lilith - Gloating
    Lilith - Gloating

    Lilith would then gain the name, The Lash Of God, where she would punish sinners for doing evil.

    Lilith would eventually get annoyed and bored with his jealous fits and rages and left him to find sanctuary in the Red Sea. She would go deep into the caves of the Red Sea and then would find another realm of the underworld. Here she met her then to be husband Asmodeus, they immediately mated to create more Lilin.

    When the Judeo-Christian God found out she had abandoned him for a demon, he grew angry and sent three angels (Senoi, Sansenoi and Semangloph) to bring her back to him and Adam, but she refused. As punishment for her defiance the self-proclaimed angels of God slaughtered most of the Mazikim. Lilith was grief stricken and sought revenge, she would vow her line would dominate and replace his so called human "creations" or she would assimilate them so they became her's.

    The Beginning

    Lilith - Trading Card
    Lilith - Trading Card

    Decades Later She Decided to Haunt the very religion that tainted her divine image. She bedeviled the prophet Elijah, and later killed the sons of Job. When the mighty Roman Empire fell, Lilith rose up to rule its ruins, with her wild pets eating the remains. Later through history, in 12th century Asia, Lilith would face a humiliating defeat as she was trapped in a bottle by a midwife for trying to take the lives of the children she would deliver into the world.

    After her escape, she concieved many more armies of Lilin. Lilith was confronted by the famed Joseph Della Reina who tried to summon the Messiah by taking on Lilith and her then husband Asmodeus. She had trained him herself and he was no match for Lilith, and so she used her occult powers to transform him into a black dog. It is also possible that there may be some bad blood between Lilith and Mephisto, since he temorarily incinerated Asmodeus, but he was resurrected and regained his realm.

    It is not certain if Lilith performed some of these feats in spirit form, for at some point she was trapped within the husk of Tiamat (Leviathan) by some Atlantean mages. Even confined she has proven to be a most powerful and deadly adversary. Lilith was not only able to maneuver spiritually and astrally in earth's continents but was able to cross the very dimentional barriers to worlds where magical laws widely differed (Greenberg the vampire). It also seems that her mystical name and power were invoked upon by many of the denizens of the multiple plains allowing her to remain powerful and strong.

    Unfortunately for her children, without their mother physically there, there was no one to protect them and so they were vanquished, or banished into other dimentions. Other Lilin were forced to assimilate into humanity and even marry and reproduce with mankind. This caused the blood potency of the Lilin to be diluted.

    Even trapped, Lilith's tales survived and brought her many followers who celebrate her fierce independance and power. Especially those amongst the feminist and pagan movements and even some mystical cults dedicating themselves to her, allowing her to gain a sense of Goddess-hood and giving her more power to channel.

    The Rise Of The Midnight Sons

    Lilith freed from Leviathan (Tiamat).
    Lilith freed from Leviathan (Tiamat).

    While confined Lilith would stumble upon the disembodied soul of Dan Ketch, showing the future of her release and the rise of her children, she would also keep having visions and dreams of the past and present, dreams referring to her children trapped in other dimensions or being killed by some pseudo looking skull demon, this drove her next move; find out what had happened to her children.

    So on her astral travels while still trapped in her mystic prison, she visited the realm of dark dreams and there master Nightmare. The two would form an alliance and she would advise him to haunt the dreams of this so called being know as the Ghost Rider. Nightmare would proceed to create the House of Lilin in his nightmarish world and use it to terrify Ghost Rider and those connected to him with illusions of their worst fears.

    Meanwhile two scientists exploring Northen Greenland, would stumble across the form of Tiamat (Leviathan) that had been shed and proceed to examine the husk, this allowed Lilith to be freed from her mystical prison. Lilith ate the first scientist body and soul, which allowed her to regain her strength. When freed, she sensed that the second scientist was one of her children in a past incarnation and his presence helped free her. In return she gave him a quick death by snapping his neck reclaiming his soul as her child.

    Lilith's continued presence and the use of her magic to track her bloodline however, thinned by time, would cause major dimentional weakening, unintentionally releasing Zusommin (Viral Swarm) into Earth 616. She would send out a magical call which would be recognised by her children, only the Lilin Pilgrim answered. To give herself more time, Lilith would then gather various Lilin to weaken the numbers of the Midnight Sons and even try to get them to kill themselves. In one particular effort she used her powers of shape shifting to disguise herself as a human woman and would try to hire the Nightstalkers to kill Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, this plan unfortunately failed.

    With Pilgrim present, they went on to search for more of her Lilin, they first came across Creed who had foresaken his heritage, but joined with some persuasion from his mother. They would also encounter Blackout who was a descendant, she would later move on to assemble Doc, Meatmarket, and Skinner. Lilith would then go to a nightclub dedicated to the alternative scene and fall in love with the genre of speedmetal and meet her children Fang and Nakota.

    A new plan would unfold, with Lilith resurrecting the dead scientist as a Lilin and then she would gather her children again to where it all began, Greenland, where she would use the discarded Tiamat (Leviathan) that once held her captive, to power the release of all her children into Earth 616. She would use its carcus to strengthen her spell to summon all banished Lilin into this reality.

    Lilith putting the hurt on Dan Ketch
    Lilith putting the hurt on Dan Ketch

    This was not to be without interference from the Midnight Sons and the Nightstalkers, who would try to stop Lilith and her Lilin from finalizing their plans. But Lilith managed to bear a new child, Dan Ketch, as a Lilin he and the rest of the Lilin would attack the heroes. But Lilith's victory would be short lived as her children were slain and she was forced into her own rebirthing portal and apparently destroyed.

    Nakota is the only surviving Lilin left and with her mother apparently dead, Lilith's spell of protection was fading and fearing for her life she runs, but something grabs her it is revealed to be Lilith. She had survived the battle and spent the last remaining months in the cold lands of Greenland feasting upon Nakota, and then the remains of her other Lilin.

    Road To Vengeance

    Lilith - Pregnant
    Lilith - Pregnant

    In the Road to Vengeance Lilith would rest and recover in Greenland, she would feast upon the flesh of her children the Lilin.This enabled her to nourish herself and would begin the process of rebirth, which would allow her to recreate her fallen children. With the pregnancy near completion and with the sacred time approching, Lilith sends out a Siren's Song to alert one of her own.

    Lilith waits and but no ones comes, so her song adds a pitch of desperation. Lilith cries with rage thinking that those who abandoned her would pay. From the heavy mist a figure begins to appear and her most unlikely child appears, the Lilin named Outcast.

    While Lilith sings her song of rebirth, it is overheard by a mysterious man, a man who has plans and they involve the mother of demons, so he makes his way to her. Outcast coming to his mother's aid, allows the rebirthing to take place and pirces her bulging stomache allowing the rebirth of his fallen brethren. The rebith would bring forth the most loyal of her children Pilgrim, Nakota, Blackout and Meatmarket.

    Through the pain of the rebirth, Lilith is sensed by the memeber of The Blood known as Seer and warns Dan Ketch that Lilith is alive. Back in Greenland the mysterious man, makes his apperance and is attacked by the Lilin thinking he is a threat to there mother. The man throws them back with ease and Introduces him self as Centurious the souless man, and says he seeks an alliance with Lilith, in order to find an ancient relic known as the Medallion of Power.

    As Centurious and Lilith are about to shake hands Oucast Grabs his and tells him if he tries to hurt his mother or the Lilin again it will be him he deals with. Blackout uses Nakota eyes to find Dan Ketch and then tells Pilgrim to teleport them to where they are to intercept them. Dan Ketch on there way to find other memebers of the group run into trouble when Pilgrim creates a rift in the floor, this causes them to crash but Blackout grabs dans arm and taunts him with the blood of the his latest kill which makes him transform into Ghost Rider and a fight insues.

    During the fight Blackout and Pilgrim teleport to Ghost Riders Mother and take her prisoner. After this happens Dan and Seer make the way to a place known as the Nightclub, in hopes to find Caretaker they do and they reveal the sacred history of the group know as The Blood, which in reality is a secret organisation of Immortals that battle the forces of evil.

    Meanwhile Lilith and Centurious plan to capture Ghost Rider or Dan Ketch in order to obtain part of the Medallion of power this is done by sneaking up on them whilst they battle the Rogue Lilin Skinner, during the battle Centurious grabs Dan Ketch threatening to kill Ghost Rider's Mother if he comes any closer.

    Ghost Rider attempts to use his Chain but Centurious use his own chain against him and takes the Chain and Dan to his and Lilith's Lair. When there Lilith and Centurious tell Carver to prepare to extract the Medallion piece from Dan Ketch, he proceeds to do so at the same time unleashing the hellfire trapped within Ketch. Ghost Rider and Seer attempt to find them and do so, but Centurious and Lilith have a special present waiting for them, Ghost riders old enemy Deathwatch, they regain Dan Ketch and escape, but when they arrive to the carnival, they are attacked by Vengeance.

    Centurious Prepares to gain the Medallion and practices using Ghost Rider's Chain, Lilith informs him that the Ghost Rider's Mother has escaped, to which he yells at her to find her, Lilith becomes annoyed with him and warns him not to mess with her and that she is far from a serving maid and has her own powers. Her Lilin track Ketch's mother down and both Centurious and Lilith arrive on the scene.

    Lilith and Centurious
    Lilith and Centurious

    With an unlikey ally of Vengeance, Dan and Rider make there way to rescue there mother and use the medallions power to kill Lilith and all the others opposing them. As centurious approches to take the Medallion from the bike of the Rider, Blaze shoots it causing the bike to explode and sends the medallion through the chest of Centurious. This has unexpected affects as Zarathos is freed from within Centurious, Injured he asks Lilith for help but sensing his loss of power and the fact that Zarathos had returns she decides to Join Zarathos instead.

    Zarathos Attacks Centurious who is preparing to attack Lilith and her children, then goes on to attack Ghost Rider and company, as he is told me Lilith that they are here to destroy him. Vengeance, Blaze and Rider Come together to use the Medallion of power to try and kill Lilith and Centurious, but instead end up banishing them. The funny thing is Lilith does not resist her banishment for she hears a familiar call, calling her to the place the Rider is trying to send her.

    Siege Of Darnkess

    Lilith Close up
    Lilith Close up

    Siege of Darkness begins where we left off in Road to Vengence, Lilith being banished to the Shadowside dimention, but she did not fight to remain in the current dimention because she sensed something familiar calling from the other side.

    Even though Lilith again was presumed dead or vanquished there wasn't any proof, so this caused a rift among the nine as Lilith calls them, the Nightstalkers weren't satisfied without knowing she was dead and therefore started to argue, with the Ghost Rider's team.

    The only way they could agree is to make there way to Cypress Hill's cemetery and check, they split into teams ghost rider's team makes there way to the cemetery, while the Nightstalkers are to investigate the strange mist enveloping the city, it seems to be hot on contact with skin, they all notice that it seems out of place and very unnatural. On there way to investigate they meet a human crying out for help but the closer he gets the more disfigured he seems, he cries out says the mist is eating at him, and soon enough he dissolves into a substance similar to that of sand.

    As this happens they are surrounded by more shapes in the mist but these ones look odd and large, and then they attack the Nightstalkers, they are soon revealed to be Lilin. The first wave doesn't seem to be a threat and are easily put down. From the shadows as they leave though Lilith's son Bad Timing waits to spring on them.

    He springs from behind Franky and claws him, and then proceeds to stop Blade's sword attack and counter attack him with a super charged uppercut sending him flying backwards, Franky gets up and tries to use the Excorsist on Bad Timing but it goes straight though him, since he can phase in and out of time, they are spotted by Hannibal King in the air and he soon comes to there aid and suprises Bad Timing by attacking him from behind.

    Hannibal only can do this because he is a Vampire, and can phase through time similarly, as Bad Timing threatens him with a final death, he is attacked my Ghost Riders Chain. He came back to aplogise for the earlier argument and they both head for the cemetery in Cypress Hills. Just as they Leave Lilith reappears and says "It begins and so it ends, with the barriers broken the midnight sons are already beaten! the future written in blood, And my Children the Lilin will Inherit the earth."

    We are then taken to outside the cemetery where a news reporter is telling the news from the mist they come under attack by a banished Lilin, the reporter runs for help and walks into Ghost Rider, the Lilin pounces on him, but his victory would be short lived as Ghost Rider and Blaze double team him. We break to Vengence in human form as he is informed of what is happening to city, we then return to The team that has gone to investigate the mist in the cemetery.

    The Siege of Darkness
    The Siege of Darkness

    The team approch the supposed Death site of Lilith and Zarathos to find a huge fissure has developed in the spot of there banishment and emmiting the strange mist. Ghost Rider and Blaze woe over there mistake of thinking they had disposed of them. This just as Lilith emerges from the rift again with all her children taunting Ghost Rider with her gratitude for returning her lost children to her, and that her plans will be carried out all around the world. Lilith also reveals that Zarathos is now by her side and then the battle begings, Ghost Rider attacks Zarathos with his Chain, Zarathos shrugs the attack off stating his defeat will not be so easy this time, and with a simple move of his hands he makes the earth shock the team backwards.

    Meanwhile Lilith's Lilin decided to pay back dear old Michael Badillino (Vengeance) at his work place, knocking the police stations doors down, as they do the mist enters the building and starts eating the humans. The three Lilin leaders sent are revealed to be Dark Legion, Blackout and Meatmarket. The police officers open fire and Dark Legion is shot multiple times, and he shrugs it off and multiplies like a Hydra.

    Meanwhile The Ghost Rider team is being throttled by Lilith's and Zarathos forces, there only hope comes out of a mausoleum in the form of Caretaker, who manges to give them temporary shelter, the leads them underground to a cavern of sorts. Back at the police station the battle rages with the Lilin tearing up most of the officers, and civilians outside, Michael Badillino looks outside in horror but doesn't want to turn into Vengeance again, but seeing Blackout target a child as his next victim sets his powers off and he becomes Vengeance and confronts him.

    Caretaker leads them through the underground cavern that leads to the underground sewers and they end up a few yards before the police station, they hear the commotion up above and Blaze uses his gun to blast a hole in the pavement above them to allow them to gain surface entry.

    Lilith - Menacing
    Lilith - Menacing

    Ghost Rider then manages to help Vengeance attack Blackout, but Lilith and Zarathos with an Army of Lilin appear on the Scene ready to cause havok. Dr. Strange manages to erect a force field but the strength of Zarathos will not let it hold up for long. Dr. Strange says he will take them to his Sanctum Sanctorum, to give them a brief time to regroup. Caretaker is all for the idea, but the rest of the team want to stay and fight, but Dr. Strange takes Caretakers side and suggest its better if they leave, so he opens a portal and puts on concealment spell on the cilvilians and they teleport away, just before Zarathos breaks the force field.

    During the teleport something odd happens and the teams get seperated again, Strange, Morbius, Caretaker and Victoria Montesi get sent to one place, while Ghost Rider, Blaze and Vengeance get sent to a abandoned warehouse, that happens to be not so abandoned. Waiting for them is Skitter and Girth two of Lilith's Lovely Children, Skitter who is scared flees to get his mother.

    The three hero's over hear that there is a traitor among them and then attempt to attack Girth, but find themselves redirecting there own attacks back at themselves, this continues until all three heros are seriously affected, its is not until they realise that Girth's power is the cause and in a adaptive maneuver, changed tactics and throws his weapons in different directions and Girth's power direct them to him,so he dies painfully.

    A Portal suddenly opens, the heros thinking strange has come to there rescue but to there suprise it turns out to Pilgrim, With Mother Lilith and Zarathos. Just as Lilith and her forces are about to attack another portal opens and this time Dr. Strange opens it so they can escape.

    In other places Werewolf by Night is confronted by Lilith's Demonic child race, that replace actual children and eat unsuspecting grown ups on All Hallows Eve. The Scarlet Witch is confronted with Lilith's Child Pixil, and is pulled into Cyberspace in a battle to stop the spreading of the mist into the internet. The Devil Slayer also is confronted by another of Lilith's offspring races the Infinks.

    On the other hand the team of the Nightstalkers are trapped on Brooklyn Bridge, with a whole horde of Lilin attacking them, they are seriously swampped with enemies when the ring leader Lilth's child Spitfire attack them, with his flame breath, but with the help of Modred The Mystic he uses his power to deflect the attack back onto Spitfire.

    Louise Hastings is forced to take on Bad Timing again she shoots him while he is injured and distracted, he is shot with the Excorsist by Frank, they all work together to end the threat of the Lilin facing them, one goes to escape but is stopped by Morbius, then they all make there way to a abandoned lab to regroup.

    It is here that Modred The Mystic teaches Jinx some more spells, and while there doing that Louise Hastings is looking around she discovers a chain print and a note that indicates that this temporary sancutary used to be one of Morbius's laboratories, this gives her an hunch that there is a traitor amonst them, this clue proves useless since she is attacked by Morbius.

    The location is compramised as Meatmarket comes through the floor of the sanctuary, Blade intercepts him while franky goes to warn the others, he stumples on Louise's dead body, and thinks the traitor is Modred. Blade is Suddenly overpowered with the appearance of More Lilin and there Mother Lilith along with there her partner Zarathos. Modred sees Blade beaten and asks what happened and is shocked to discover Lilith and her Children and attempts to teleport Himself and Jinx away but they are stopped my Pilgrim.

    Lilith and Zarathos
    Lilith and Zarathos

    When this happens, Mordred and Jinx team up to handle the threat by blasting them all, but Zarathos's shields protect the Lilin and Lilith from the attack, Franky comes to aid them and finds Mordred still assuming the traitor is him attacks him, And then Jinx thinking the same turns on Mordred and attacks him, but there powers overload each other and they both pass out. Franky attempts to attack Lilith with the excorsist but is attacked from behind by Morbius, Franky comes to his senses and realises that Louise had ment Morbius not Modred but passes out from the attack.

    Morbius now completely infected by the Lilin Bloodthirst comes to Dr. Stranges Sanctum Santorum, he lowers the field allowing him to enter noticing that the others are not with him, Morbius goes in saying that the Lilin overpowered them and had killed Louise hasting, this upsets Victoria Montesi, but Ghost Rider senses something a miss as he senses innocent blood spillt on Morbius.

    Ghost Rider grabs him and is just about to attack, when Parasite in the form of Martine breaks through the shield and attacks them, she then breaks the barrier down to let more Lilin inside and the battle begins, the team begin to fight the Lilin as best they can, but a portal opens and Lilith and an Army of Lilin come though with the Nightstalkers held hostage.

    Lilith then approches Strange and suggests a trade the Nightstalkers for the Medallion of Power, but Strange refuses and makes out he will attack her but Lilith tells him that he will not take the risk, she screams for Zarathos to take the Medallion of Power from the Spirits Of Vengeance and orders Morbius to destroy the mediocre sorcerer and he does so without hestitation.

    Stephen and Michael Morbius battle all over the place, while the others have there hands full with the growing army of Lilin that keep coming to attack them, Morbius is lured away from the main fray, and then put in a binding shield where Strange finds out he is being controlled by Bloodthirst and helps Morbius to fight him from within.

    He releases him to help the others, but is still seen as a threat so he helps in a odd way, by using his ex teammates as weapons against the Lilin, making it look like his still on there side. Morbius then escapes into the catacombes and stops the Lilin from feasting on a child. Martine catches him and tells them to warm Lilith of his trechery.

    Morbius then Battles Ghost Rider he uses his penance stare on him and reveals that he was not in control when he killed Louise Hastings, Meanwhile Lilith advises Zarathos that the Lilin are winning so they should leave since they are not needed and so Pilgrim Teleports the two away so they can have some privacy.

    Meanwhile the Lilin that are still trapped outside are still trying to get inside the barriers are still not as strong as they should be. Scatter finds a way in and uses his power of speed and vertigo, mixed with thought manipulation, his speed also creates a sygian mist that alters the protective barrier, according to scatter it creates holy ground for the holy family, meaning giving the Lilin entrance into the sanctum.

    Lilith - Angry at Morbius
    Lilith - Angry at Morbius

    Strange attempts to do something magically but to no avail with Scatter's influence he allowes more Lilin to enter, such as Sister Nil she is the token succubus of the Lilin and seduces Wong's wife Imei and then Kills her with a death kiss. Morbius knocks into her allowing Strange to regain his concentration and then he binds Sister Nil.

    He gathers the remaining team and teleports them out of the Sanctum but Lilith's magic draws him to her and they land in the center of a Mass Lilin Legion, Lilith orders her Lilin to Kill those "who would leave them homeless". The Lilin begin to attack but Strange manages to open a portal into the Nightclub that was once used by the Blood, there they try to regroup but not without arguments breaking out between the three Spirits of Vengeance and Caretaker.

    Meanwhile Lilith orders two of her Lilin to guard the forbidden rift that leads to a place that would trap Zarathos, Unknowingly he is refused entry by the guards and he attacks them. Lilith luckily stops him from banishing himself by accident and the two have a romantic talk about there future plans, it is later revealed that Lilith and Zarathos did more than Kissing on there supposed "disscussion."

    Meanwhile the Spirits of Vengeance make there way to the Cypress Hill Cemetery again to try and sneak attack Lilith and Zarathos, but Zarathos senses them as he leaves. Lilith Promises to continue his line no matter the outcome (perhaps a prophetic sense), while The Spirits of Vengeance take out Pilgrim and Nakota.

    The three take each piece of there medallion and try to use it but they don't have any luck, just as they are attacked by a raging fire blast from Zarathos, Caretaker comes back and tells them they have to fuse the medallion to make it work. they try to do so but Zarathos is to evenly matched for them, he stops Ghost Riders chain, and then punches Vengeance and he goes flying.

    Lilith is there to cheer him on when he gets his hands on the medallion, there plans about to be executed, but Morbius fights the Lilin within and snatches it from Zarathos, Causing Lilith to yell in anger. The Spirits of Vengeance reclaim the Medallion and Fire a Blast from it at Zarathos which holds him in Paralysed pain. They then turn there attention Lilith and her children and blast the portal rift that opened the gateway to the shadowside dimentions.

    Lilith and her Children are slowly propelled backwards into the rift, Lilith Screams for Zarathos to help her, but he can't she screams that it was all for her children and we see a tear stream of rage falls down her face and she and all her Lilin are pulled back to the the other side.

    Lilith - Banished
    Lilith - Banished

    The battle then continues against Zarathos and now his helpers the fallen, with time they are both defeated with Zarathos becoming a Statue and placed on top of a mausoleum. The Midnight Sons, The Nightstalkers and The Blood begin to Depart, but as they do Lilith reveals herself not to be trapped and confined by the shadowside dimention, she revleals to the stone Zarathos that his Line of Children will hear stories of his greatness.

    Doctor Strange and the Witches

    Lilith - Confronting Dr. Strange
    Lilith - Confronting Dr. Strange

    The Witches Arc begins with Andy Kale being hired to store and pack a library's rare book collection, he is shown round by an older gentleman who seems to be a library curator. Andy is hired because the old man seems to of known his grandfather, while looking amongst the various book he is drawn to a particular ancient book, despite the warning of the old man not to read certain ancient and sacred books he open this ancient tome and a strange light eminates from the book engulfing him and transforming him into a demon looking monster.

    The opening of the book causes a world wide magical psychic event, that alerted magic users in a very painful way that something has happened on a mass scale, only very few users seem to find this funny Lilith included. Doctor Strange Seems to be taken pretty hard by this event and stating that this being that was created will kill us all (magic users).

    While Strange was recovering from the shock of this discovery his student Topaz enters the room saying she felt the effect of the magic psy event. Strange explains that all magic users felt it, Topaz enquires what is so terrible that no one dare speaks its name, strange tells her that someone has opened the ancient text known as the Zhered-Na.

    Strange then explains that centuries ago this tome was imbued with the most magical secrets and that to protect the tome from those seeking to exploit its magic for selfish reasons, a spell was cast so that a creature known as the Hellphyr was trapped inside the book. Now it is released and it will continue to seek magic users and to devour there magical essence.

    He then goes to find help by assembling a team, since the book originated in the Kale family he needed a Kale, so he went in search of Jennifer Kale, he found her at her university and explains the situation, Strange says he wants to keep the book but Jennifer tells him that since the book belonged to her family she will protect it, he also mentions about needing all the angels and demons on there side.

    Lilith Births a Lilin
    Lilith Births a Lilin

    Jennifer proceeds to make her way to Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum and is greeted by Wong and is introduced to Topaz, who she instantly dismisses as overly submissive. The two chat for while guessing who the third memeber is going to be, while Jennifer remembers the angel and demon comment, verbally expressing her concern to Topaz the two rush to Strange's Celler just in time to whittness the Ressurection of Satana Hellstrom. Satana is Thrilled to meet as she calls them Hip Hop Barbie and her token ethnic friend.

    The Hellphyr Continues it job of attacking various mystics, this time its victim is none other than the wife of fellow mystic Illusion. Strange gathers the new group and explains the history behind the Tome of the Zahred-Na explaining that a divine spirit and a dark spirit came to the realm of earth and passed on the secret knowledge of all mysticism to Illyana Kale an Ancestor of Jennifer Kale and so the tome was created, but the gods angered at the revealing of there mystic secrets so they cast a spell on the tome, so a being known as the Hellphyr would protect the book and destroy those who would seek to exploit the tome's power.

    Satana enquires as to why all three are needed to take on the Hellphyr, Strange answers that is because of Topaz relation to divinity adds the divine quality, Jennifer is the connection to Ancestral line and Satana is the connection to the demonic party so it forms a new triumvirate similar to the original. Leaving the three witches to take in the information, he excuses himself saying he has an appointment on the other side of town and leaves.

    Lilith starts to expand her vision of malice to the person responsible for her demise in the Siege of darkness Dr. Strange and his new students Jennifer Kale, Satana and Topaz. Lilith not being as banished as originally thought had overtaken the realm called the shadowside as her own ruling it in secret. Lilith using her scrying powers had been visually following every step made my her old adversary. Lilith now knowing that Dr. Strange has formed a triumvirate of witches, laughs at his attempt to create a team.

    Lilith ponders on how she seems to get along better with male friends but suggests she should do something nice for a change as a house warming present of the three new witches. Lilith eyes light up with power she magically invokes the creation of a new child, Lilith Screams in the mystical labour and the birth is complete, the demon Lilin takes full form and is told to welcome the three new tramps to the neibourhood.

    Meanwhile Dr. Strange visits Illusion and his serverly maimed wife in hospital, Strange warns him not to interfere as three psychic's and shaman have already been killed by the Hellphyr, Strange continues to say that if he does interfere he will end up worse than his wife and begins to vanish as he has others to visit. Andy Kale who looks worse for wear, meets up with some friends and disscuss an attempt at gaining money from a scam his friends are working. Meanwhile the three witches are having a warm up battle session being instructed by Wong.

    Lilith Talking to Strange
    Lilith Talking to Strange

    The triumvirate still seem to arguing with eachother rather than doing anything useful as Wong tries to calm the girls down and gets them to focus on the reason they are practicing. We then move to Illusion leaving the hospital and going to scene of the crime where his wife was assulted, at the shop Magical Arts.

    Illusion uses magic to try and find a clue as to what could have done the crime, he peers into the candle flame and sees the Hellphyr but in the flame he also sees himself. It is revealed that the Hellphyr demon sensed and followed the magic Illusion used to find him and is now standing behind him, hellphyr proceeds to attack him and then drain him of his mystical essence, while an onlooker looks on smiling.

    Dr. Strange proceeds to visit his arch nemesis Lilith, who has been mystically keeping tabs on everything since the begining she informs the visisting Doctor that he is just in time to whitness young Illusions last breath. Strange is upset by loss of his friend and says he warned him not to interfere, Lilith Chides him saying that amatures never listen.

    Lilith then sacastically asks if strange had come for the grand tour of her kingdom. Strange says that he knows she's up to something and that she should avoid her plans. Lilith again with her dry sarcastic humour replys that its about time he takes his amulet to the magic shop and get it checked out as she has no intention of interfering.

    Lilith proceeds to unnerve Strange even more, when she mentions that he is still to insecure to ask a grown woman for help and is instead hiding behind three little girls, she goes on to say that he likes them young as there easier to control, and hypothetically asks if something were to happen to them, who would he turn to for help next. Strange proceeds in warning her that is she does anything to them she will pay, Lilith says she won't go near them but that New York is a dangerous place and one should always lock there doors, revlealing her Lilin entering his Sanctum Sanctorum.

    The three witches gathered after there training Jennifer turns and notices the Lilin thinking it is another one of Wong's training sessions when the Lilin grabs her and throws her against the wall she thinks other wise, the Lilin then proceeds to try and attack the other two witches, but Satana and Topaz's reflexes seem on top form and blast the creature. Jennifer recovers and joins the fray, she tells everyone to stand back because she has a clear shot, but Satana says the Lilin is hers and jumps in the way of Jennifers blast which knocks her out.

    Meanwhile back in the Shadowside realms Strange in shock says what have you done, Lilith telling him not worry that the Lilin is house broken, she then informs him that its very odd that her Lilin seems to have got in with no problems considering that the mighty Dr. Strange usually has force fields around his home, she them proceeds to get closer to him and sniffs him, saying that there's something different about him and that she can smell his fear.

    She continue to probe him telling him that the Hellphyr's presence is wearing him down, she test's him further by summoning a wall of fire in his direct path, to which she teases him again, by saying don't tell me the great sorcerer supreme can't handle a little fire, he brushes the fire a side, he warns her again before he leaves saying if anything happens to them may god help her, she returns the saying that god will need to help him since he's such an old man.

    Lilith Shoots Policeman
    Lilith Shoots Policeman

    Back at the Sanctum, Topaz and Jennifer try to hold the Lilin back, Jennifer manages to get another clear shot this time amping up her magical blast to full power, she manages to hit the Lilin which then turns to sludge. They rush to Satana to help, she comes around and blames Jennifer for knocking her out as payback for the training session and is told to leave and Jennifer obliges and walks out the Sanctum.

    We then are re-introduced to Andy Kale in his apartment, he is in the bathroom and his phone rings but he notices his arm look a bit odd, the phone goes to answer phone and it is revealed to be his sister telling him to wake up amd that she wanted to visit as soon as she landed but things came up and she informs him she is coming over, and he runs to pick up the phone but starts his transformation into the Hellphyr. As he is transforming he wonders what is happening and why and a voice answers him from the shadows, Andy turns to find the librarian who hired him.

    Inside the apartment the librarian tell andy that he bets he regrets opening that book now, Andy asks him what he has done, and the man reveals that he told him not to go reading those old dusty books and that andy did this to him self. The man goes on to reveal to andy that the book has been in the kale family for generations, and that he didn't even know it, he says to andy that one should always remember there roots and where one came from.

    Strange makes his way back to the Sanctum and find the girls waiting amonst the debrie, he asks where Jennifer is and is told by the other two that she kind of quit the team and left, he tries scrying to find her but all that comes up is that she is heading towards a black hole, he looks up and realised she has gone to her brothers apartment.

    Back at the apartment, andy asks why he was chosen, the man goes onto explain that the kale family was elected to protect the tome of Zhered-Na and its has been in a long line of guardian entrusted to his family, he also informs him that she was the only one stupid enough to open the book.

    The man opens andy closet to reveal the victims of his kills, and says you don't even know what you have become, and that he has killed alot of things, The man encourages him by saying to him why stop now, as the doorbell is rung by his sister Jennifer. The man again enourages the Hellphyr telling to answer the door, his sister yells that she can here him breathing and to open the door.

    Lilith Baseball Homerun
    Lilith Baseball Homerun

    The door opens revealing the Hellphyr again he grabs Jennifer and slams her into the wall, she gets up and begins to worry that this thing has harmed her brother, she then strikes the beast which falls, the man again appears and starts ranting on about the youth of today. Jennifer angers and says she will punch his dentures out if he doesn't tell him where her brother is. The man then reveals that the Hellphyr is her brother, saying that he has seen sibling rivalry before but that she is worse than his kids, he then tells Andy to attack her.

    Strange manages to teleport Satana and Topaz to outside the apartment block, he tells them that they are on the fourth floor and the girls fly up, Strange serverly weakened by the teleport cough's and pants outside, While a voice says "aren't you going to help them?". It is revealed to be Lilith who lunges into a full kick to the sorcerer's face knocking him back.

    Lilith then uses her great strength and pulls a parking meter from the concrete, she says to strange if his girlfriends come out alive they'll thank her for finishing him, she then proceeds to use Strange as a baseball and smashes him with the meter across the street directly into a shop window.

    Satana and Topaz seem to get into the apartment just in time to stop the Hellphyr from killing Jennifer, her leg is injured and Satana takes the offensive and starts blasting the Hellphyr, claiming that her powers aren't having much of an effect. The man then distracts her by calling her darling, and it is revealed to be Satana's father Marduk Kurios.

    Outside the apartment Lilith's blow to strange sent him realing into a shop window causing mass damage, he tells all bystanders to get back as it's to dangerous, Lilith makes her way through the shop door be-littling strange saying he is weak by the mere presence of the Hellphyr and that no wonder he is hiding behind the witches, Strange then manages to blast Lilith backwards with a mystic charge.

    He seems to think he did damge and approches Lilith, he grabs her and says he warned her to stay out of this and she will never claim the book, Lilith in turn smiles evily and says she was never intrested in the book. Lilith then moves forward with great speed and headbutt's Strange sending him reeling to the floor, she stands and loudly broadcasts that she has wanted to do that her entire life.

    Back inside things have taken a strange turn when Marduk Kurios, is distracting Satan telling her that he never forgot her and that he came back for her. Topaz yells out to her and tries to heal Jennifer's wounded leg, but manages to get hit by the Hellphyr, which again then goes to attack Jennifer again, Topaz then telekintically smashes a table into it and makes fly backwards.

    Satana still mesmerized by the presence of her father and states that she thought she would never see him again, Marduk says his children are so over dramatic, he continues that he plans to save her and that she is fighting a losing battle and that her friends will fail. Jennifer pleads with Andy to stop, with the Hellphyr identity revealed Satana looks at her father puzzled expecting to know more, he goes on to say that yes it is indeed Andy Kale and that Strange neglected to tell them.

    Marduk then tell's Satana why he is doing this, he claims that mystics are a grey area in his plans, things should be good vs evil, and since mystics fall into the third category he can not allow them to live any longer since they are gaining to much power for his plans. The Hellphyr then proceeds to attack Topaz and Jennifer at the orders of Marduk, getting a good claw strike at his sister.

    The Police are called on the fight outside the apartment block, Lilith is told to put down Strange, she turns to him and says lets test those aging relexes, and then proceeds to shoot at the officer with her finger he goes down as if wounded by and actual gun, she then grabs Strange and uses him as a shield while saying i hope they don't hit that neat amulet of yours, Strange manages to put up a forefield to keep out the gunfire, Lilith saying that it must have taken alot out of him to get that spell working.

    Lilith Headbutts Strange
    Lilith Headbutts Strange

    Satana is asked to come home, by her dad but she replies that she sees the Hellphyr sneaking up on her two collegues and says she moved out years ago and blasts the demon, her father says she should not betray him and that she will not stop his plans, she says that he is dead to her and has been doing just fine without him. He moves aside and lets the Hellphyr go towards Satana, Topaz intervenes and asks Satana to do something, she the Blasts the demon. Both witches are now concentrating there blast on the Hellphyr and they turn to Jennifer saying that they can't stop him with out her.

    Jennifer still having trouble attacking the Hellphyr. because she now knows it is her brother, still holds back, its not until her brother tells her to attack him because he doesn't want to kill anyone anymore, she then in reluctance does so, all three focus there blast on the Hellphyr and he blows up leaving nothing but the tome Zhered-Na steaming on the floor.

    Lilith - Furious
    Lilith - Furious

    Marduk Kurios then tells them that they went all though that trouble for the tome and that they will be rushing of to fight Stranges next battle. Satana fuming says we don't work for strange and i don't work for you and that they will be taking the tome, Marduk then says looks like your troubles begin from now on and then vanishes into thin air.

    Lilith having beaten Strange to a pulp, hovers above him saying that she hates seeing him like this and to end his embarrasment she will end his exsistance quickly, she bends down making her demonic fangs enlarge and is just about to rip out his throat, when he recovers and blasts her into a wall, he stands up thinking he has again done her damage but to no avail, he threatens to kill her, but she remarks she will never give the mediocre sorcerer the chance and teleports to back to her realm.

    Meanwhile strange makes his way to the witches and orders them to give him the tome as the Sorcerer Supreme, they refuse so Strange banishes Topaz and says her training with him has ended, and in return she says they have all been betrayed and the three witches walk away, leaving him standing there.

    Its should be noted however that some editorial mistakes were made in this arc, they start with Dr. Strange having amnesia and not remembering which Lilith he is confronting even though he has faced her in three major story arcs before this, Satana's supposed second

    resurrection, even though no one seems to remember when she died for the second time. Lilith again is mixed up with Dracula's Daughter Lilith Drake, and some of the dialogue makes you want to punch the characters in the face when they refer to wrong Lilith, but on a more positive note we finally see Lilith in a more physical fight and that dry sarcastic humour is back in action (so you can overlook some of the sins).


    Lilith - Seeing the future
    Lilith - Seeing the future

    Lilith has a variety of powers that stem from divine to demonic and well as the occult. Her first power is her sacred name, being connected to the mystical realm any person who summons or uses any of Lilith's names. Lilith can automatically tune in and hear or see the person using them, in similarity she also has the power similar to that of a seer (scrying) she can see anyone she focuses on.

    As a goddess she had the power over life and death, desolation, the night, storms, she was also a war goddess so she is also a skilled fighter. In her goddess form she wore wings and could fly, she had a mystical sword that could collect the souls of humans, and a bow and meteor headed arrows that could heal or bring illness, depending on Lilith's intent. Her power of prophecy may have been a gift from her lover the Olympian god Zeus.

    Lilith possesess the abitity to give birth to countless races of beings varying from human, mutant, mystic or demonic, she can also ressurect them through rebirth if they die. Another intresting fact is that the more Lilin she birth's the more powerful she becomes. She also has the ability to feed on human souls and then at a later point rebirth them as her own.

    She has the ability to manipulate dimensions, allowing her to travel effortlessly through them this ability also affects her rebirthing powers. Lilith is Immortal through her divine origin. Being related to the Annunaki, she also has a much denser physiology which makes her have incredible strength, amonst other hightened attributes such as agilty, super hearing, super sight and super speed. All these combinations along with her sorcery makes her invulnerable and she is able to heal at rapid rate giving her the power of longevity.

    Lilith's energy attack
    Lilith's energy attack

    Through her vast intellect and knowledge of magics she has learned to manipulate darkness its self and can make areas be enclosed in darkness/night, she can also manipulate the darkforce, animate objects, use power blasts she can also use vast necromancy skills, she is able to teleport and also change her visage making her a shape-shifter and a plethora of other magical based abilities.

    Another power from her god days is the ability to speak any languange spoken in the world also along with her use of magick and her connection to the demon lands, she is now fluent in mystic languages as well as those spoken in the demonic dimensions. Lilith is also Immune to all types of Hellfire since she visits all these hell dimentions on a regular bases, she has become resistant to them.

    Personal data

    Lilith's Family Portait
    Lilith's Family Portait
    • Real Name: Kiskillila or Kiskillilake(Sumerian) , Bat Zuge.
    • Aliases: As a Goddeess she has over 20,000 names
    • Identity/Class: Goddess, Angel, Demon, Succubus, Others
    • Group Membership: Mother of the Lilin (Sumer : Lilim), Anunnaki (Mesoptamian gods), Heavenly Host.
    • Height: 6'0"
    • Weight: 265 lbs
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Greenish - Yellow
    • Strength Level: 25 tons (without magick) Infinity tons (with magick)
    • Known Relatives: Tiamat / Gaea (Possible Grandmother), Aspu (Possible GrandFather), Chthon , Set (Possible Great Uncles) Aehr and Ahriman (Possible Fathers) Dagon (Possible Adoptive Father) , Ereshkigal, (Possible Mother) Shekhinah, Na'amah, Lillu, Ardat, Irdu (Sisters), Adam, Sammael, Asmodeus, Zarathos, Attis, Shemhazai, Yahweh, Dagon, Others (Consorts/Husbands), Hurmin, Alefpaneash, others (Sons), Agrat, Irit, Nega, others (Daughters), The Lilin, ( Bad Timing, Bloodthirst, Carver, Creed, Dark Legion, Doc, Fang, Girth, Infinks, Meatmarket, Nakota, Outcast, Parasite, Pilgrim, Pixil, Scatter, Sister Nil, Skinner, Skitter, Spitfire, others), Shortcircuit (Grandson), Lilidtha (Grandaughter), Blackout (Descendant), The Djinn, The Mazikim, Nephilim, Lamiae, Sebettu, others (Offspring Races), Unidentified Child(ren) (by Zarathos), Unidentified Nephews and Nieces, Pazuzu (Possible Cousin) Valkyrior (Possible Kinswomen).
    • Known Weapons: Besides her magick and powers, As a goddess she wielded a mystical sword and a bow and arrow that could cure or cause Illness. In the 2004 Witches arc she wielded a parking meter and used it well.
    • Legions: Lilith Has 480 Legions at her command, that is approximately 2,880,000 demon children most likely not including those in different dimentions.
    • Base of Operations: Formerly Sheol of Allatum, Formerly Pre Cataclysmic Atlantis, Formerly Leviathan (Tiamat), Formerly The Shadowside Realm, Mephisto's Realm, Currently Unknown Dimention Of Hell.
    • First appearance: Ghost Rider III # 28 (1992)

    Other appearances

    No Caption Provided

    Lilith makes an apperance in the video game ghost rider for playstation 2. In the game she is taken to her earlier role of being trapped inside Leviathan, she is discovered by two explorers in northern Greenland and upon freeing her, she slays them. She then crawls from Tiamat and is intent of regaining her power.

    Lilith makes the same apperance in the game boy advance version of the same game, but is given a different setting where she is placed within a ghost town of a western apperance and has borded a ghost train, Ghost rider must attempt to defeat her, in order to attain blackhearts body.

    In the later game Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Lilith gets a brief cameo mention when the player asks the character Black Widow about who resides in Mephisto's realm, She Mentions that Lilith Mother of Demons lives there.

    Lilith in Morrigan's Ending
    Lilith in Morrigan's Ending

    Another Small Cameo Apperance of Lilith can be Found in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, If one plays as the character Morrigan who is a Succubus all the way until the end, Lilith and other Marvel Hell Lords can be found in the same bar as Morrigan.


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