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    Lilith is a servant of Neron, and the mother of all atrocities. She is the actual mother to a great amount of the magic community that use black arts. She is curently supporting Neron in his war for hell.

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    Note: A version of Lilith already appeared earlier in The Sandman #40 and later became a recurring character in the spin-off Lucifer series. It is unclear if she is to be regarded as the same character.

    Major Story Arcs


    While Linda Danvers travels the country fallowing the Chaos Stream, Lilith calling herself Demon Mother, is pulling the string getting Linda and Buzz into trouble. He finally makes her appearance in Las Vegas disguised as a nun to stop the marriage of Linda and Etrigan-Buzz. There she splits Buzz from Etrigan. She then commands Queen Mab to give Mary Marvel dreams of going to Las Vegas. Lilith orchestrates a battle between the teen heroines. She then waits for Linda in the Garden of Eden with the Earth born Angel and Bizarro Supergirl. When Linda arrives Lilith uses Bizarro Supergirl to control the Earth Born Angel to attack Linda. This is when she reveals that she has been pushing Linda along the Chaos Stream charging her with Chaos. Now in the Garden she plans on using all the Chaos to open the barrier to Perdition and bring back her son Carnivore. She is almost successful but Twilight betrays her and Buzz stabs her with a Hell-Spawn Dagger and Supergirl pushes her in to Perdition.


    For more information see: JLA 80-Page Giant 2011

    When Donna Troy and Bulleteer find themselves in the Circle of Hell meant for Heresy they are greeted by Lilth. Lilth reprimands them for removing the lid on the torqued soul in her charge. Lilth then attacks the confused heroes claiming that Donna is a pagan and Bulleteer does not believe in God. During the fight Donna realizes that Lilth is hold a glowing artifact, that must be the source of her power. Bulleteer is able to knock the artifact out of Lilth's hand and the heroes escape Litih and the Circle of Heresy.


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