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    Lilith is the daughter of Dracula. She bears a deep hate for him. Because of the way she became a vampire she is in a way the ultimate vampire; She is immune to all of their weaknesses but has all their strengths.

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    Young Lilith is changed into a vampire by the gypsy who raised her
    Young Lilith is changed into a vampire by the gypsy who raised her

    Lilith was the daughter of Dracula and a woman named Zofia. This woman was Dracula's first wife, while Dracula was still a human being hundreds of years ago, but the two were brought together by an arranged marriage by Dracula's late father and Dracula began to resent and even hate Zofia. A baby was born out of the marriage: Lilith. While she was still a young child, Dracula made her look upon a group of impaled prisoners. He treated his daughter harshly, and when he had been married for the required one year of their social custom, he told both Lilith and her mother to take their belongings and leave him. They complied and left. Lilith was given to a woman named Gretchin - who was a gypsy - while Zofia wondered the Earth and eventually committed suicide so that she didn't have to live as a peasant. Lilith grew to hate and despise her father. After becoming a vampire, her father began to attack gypsy villages and killed the son of the very same gypsy that took Lilith as her own. As a way of revenge, Gretchin used her powerful gypsy magic to turn Lilith into a vampire-like being as well, but since she felt like Lilith was her daughter, she made her immune to most of the vampires' weaknesses. Lilith on her hand promised Gretchin that she would cause trouble for her father for all eternity.


    Lilith was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan and first appeared in Giant-Size Chillers featuring Dracula issue 1 (1974).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Fighting her Father

    Lilith. Daughter of Dracula
    Lilith. Daughter of Dracula

    Lilith wanders the Earth for many years, learning more of her powers and her abilities to possess people and gaining control over her bloodlust. At first she tries to intercept her father by feeding on those he sought to drink from before he could get there. He catches up with her in London and kills her by impaling her on the spire of Big Ben. The magical curse revives her and she continues to pursue Dracula. After being killed again, this time by Quincy Harker in revenge for the death of his wife Elizabeth, she revives by possessing a young woman named Angel O'Hara. Angel was a suitable host as she hated her father, who had killed her husband, Ted.

    Living in London, Lilith proposes a truce with Dracula but he refuses. She flies to New York as Angel, drinking the blood of all the passengers and crew en route, and sets up residence in Greenwich Village. Angel moves in with Martin Gold (a man who had recently lost his wife) and Lilith kills a serial killer who was attempting to murder Angel (the same villain who had killed Martin's wife). She continues to fight criminals - a man who physically abused women, some drug dealers, and another murderer who killed a worker at the newspaper where Angel was now employed. When Martin Gold investigates a corrupt Chemical Works, Lilith kills the boss and his bodyguards after they kidnap Martin.

    Later, when Dracula is returned to being human, he seeks out Lilith, hoping she can turn him back into a vampire again. Lilith has other ideas and tries to kill Dracula, battling him, but is unable to finish him off due to her magic curse preventing her from directly causing Dracula’s death. Later she tries again, this time enlisting the help of Viktor Benzel, a descendant of Gretchin’s, so that she could separate herself from Angel O’Hara. She attacks Dracula at his castle, but again is physically unable to stake him herself.

    Eventually, her father seemed to have perished at the hands of the Dracula Hunters. Lilith could finally live in relative peace, as far as an evil entity can do so.

    Versus the Uncanny X-men

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    Some months later, Lilith found out that her father was not actually dead. It was then that she confronted the X-Men and possessed one of their team-members: Shadowcat. Lilith, as Shadowcat, began reciting the Montesi Formula in order to kill her father that way, for she could not kill him firsthand. She was stopped by the X-men however, whom noticed their teammate was not herself. Lilith then told the X-men she would release Shadowcat only when they would help her destroy her father, the evil Dracula. The X-men reluctantly agreed. Lilith brought the X-men to her father's new hideout, where Dracula had taken possession of the X-woman named Storm and former vampire hunter Rachel van Helsing. With the combined powers of Lilith (as Shadowcat), the X-men and Rachel van Helsing, her father was defeated yet again. At this time, Lilith released Shadowcat and thanked the X-men for their help before she disappeared.

    Montesi Formula and Brother Voodoo

    Sometime later she sensed Doctor Strange using the Montesi Formula. She went to him and was killed by the formula. When Dracula returned so did Lilith. But this time she craved the sweet taste of human blood. She went looking for Brother Voodoo asking him for help. He agreed but only if she helped him in his battles. During a battle her blood-lusting went into overdrive.

    Lily Drake

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    After the events of Brother Voodoo she began to call herself Lily Drake. Sometime after this she gained control over a zombie and used him to bring her more human servants, who she could turn into vampires. She later went looking for a special vampire Morbius to lead her minions. After the death of her vampire servants by the hands of her Zombie servant an angry Lilith went to to Castle Dracula looking to "indirectly" slay her father. With the aide of a human named Charles (last name unknown) she found a virus that would make blood undrinkable by vampires. This in turn would make vampires age far more quickly then they would normally and much more weaker. The virus would also cause humans to bleed to death. Dracula was shot by Lilith. Horrified at the sight he saw Seward began working to find a cure. He attempted to inject Lilith with it and she killed him. Lilith found out that Dracula knew what Seward was doing. They battled and Lilith once again staked her father but was not killed. Noticing the dead body of Seward he began feeding. With his new strength he began summoning a storm. Both of the two seemed to have reconciled.

    Powers and Skills

    Due to her origin of becoming a vampire Lilith is far more powerful than the average vampire. She has their abilities but none of their weaknesses.

    • Super strength 1,000 tons.
    • Immunity to sunlight
    • Hypnotize
    • Shape shift into a bat or mist.
    • Weather Control
    • Control over dogs,wolves,rats,mice,and bats.
    • Vampire healing factor
    • Needs no sleep
    • Crucifixes do not effect her. She can even use them on other vampires.

    Though she can be killed by a wooden stake through the heart or the Montesi Formula. As long as her father is alive she will come back. However if Dracula is killed and she is killed her body die but her spirit will remain. And when/if her father is brought back she will as well.


    Lilith wants to see her father dead but she cannot directly cause his death.

    Other Media


    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Lilith appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Dracula's Daughter] Lilith Drake


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