Lilia Calderu

    Character » Lilia Calderu appears in 5 issues.

    A powerfull witch known as the witch-queen of the gypsies.

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    Lilia Calderu is the daughter of Lilia Morgu, an unseen character. The elder Lilia was a paternal half-sister of Karl Amadeus Mordo (Baron Mordo), and thus Lilla Calderu is Baron Mordo's niece. Her parents were Nikolai Mordo and Miarka. Miarka was a sister of Taboo and aunt to Algon and Topaz. Miarka and Taboo were both children of the immortal Cagliostro.

    According to "Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme" #8 (October, 1989). Lila Calderu grew up to become the new Witch-Queen of the Gypsies. More importantly, Lilia became the keeper of the Book of Cagliostro. The Book was valuable as it preserved passages from the Darkhold and notes by Sise-Neg.

    According to "Mystic Arcana: Scarlet Witch" (October, 2007). Lilia along with Margali Szardos and Maria Russoff made up the most powerful coven of witches in Europe. Lilia wore the Serpent Crown and used the power of the collective coven to locate the Scarlet Witch. She was one of several magic users to take interest in the girl. But the struggle over the fate of the girl ceased when Chthon manifested himself. Warning all the magic users to stay away from Wanda. Since he had plans from her. The Elder God predicted that most mystics involved would eventually produce powerful children of their own.

    For Lilia the prophecy came true in a particularly painful way. Again according to #8, Karl Mordo eventually learned of the existence of his half-sister and his niece. He also learned of the Book of Cagliostro and wanted to get his hands on it. So he came seeking his niece, romancing Lilia. She fell for her handsome uncle and in time entrusted him with her secrets. He proceeded to turn on her, attacking her and stealing the book.

    Mordo assumed Lilia was dead. She survived ... but with a "broken heart" and an ongoing pregnancy. According to "Doctor Strange" vol. 3 #87, Lilia gave birth to Astrid Mordo.

    In "Marvel Premiere" #12 (November, 1973), Doctor Strange searched Transylvania for Baron Mordo. Strange was ambushed by Lilia who placed him under mind-control. She wanted to gain vengeance against her former lover for betraying her. She viewed Strange as the ideal weapon for the job. They invaded Castle Mordo. But they hadn't counted for its magical defenses, as Lilia was mortally wounded by a "living gargoyle". Strange regained his senses, just in time to see Lilia breathing her last.


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