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    Darkwing: Original (TV show)

     When Darkwing's popularity drops, he goes for a total redesigning of his costume and secret identity so that he was friendly to all people. He becomes so popular that the St. Canard Police Department and the mayor leave him in charge while going fishing. This attracts the attention of Negaduck, who ruins his now high reception by the people. He then returns to his normal costume and foils Negaduck's fiendish plans.

    Lightwing (comics)

    He is seen as one of the many Darkwings of the Multiverses rampaging St. canard under Negaduck and Magica De Spell's spell. In this version, he is an alternate dementional version of the regular Darkwing Duck. When Quiverwing Duck broke the spell upon all the alternates, Lightwing helped Darkwing fight agianst Negaduck and Paddywhack. He is sent back with the rest back to their own realities.

    On the cover of Darkwing Duck #9, the picture of Darkwing's image is quite similar to Lightwing's costume.



     Instead of smoke bombs from his gas gun, Lightwing showers his enemies with Flower pedals. In addition, his usual signature saying, "I am the terror..." has been changed to "I am the good that flutters in the day."
    Instead of the regular Ratcatcher, Lightwing has a bike called the "swan of peace".
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