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    Lightwave is Psionics' father and a member of The New Defenders. He is from the planet Zenn-La, the Silver Surfer's home.

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    Brief History

    Lightwave comes from an alternate timeline where the Earth is dying in the year 2509. Originally from Zenn-La, Lightwave was once a super villain and has referred to Galactus as his former master. He and his daughter Psionics are some of the last remaining heroes after a battle in which they capture Galactus to use as a power source to complete their plan: transport themselves and the remaining survivors of Earth back in time to save them.

    Lightwave and the other New Defenders traveled back in time to implement this plan and bring the remaining people back with them. Along with Alex Ultron and Natalie X, they easily broke into the Baxter Building and defeated the Thing, capturing their first target: Doctor Doom. Lightwave and his daughter were then sent to capture the Human Torch, but in the end it was the Hooded Man (Wolverine) who captured him.

    The plan went accordingly, but the Fantastic Four came to rescue Johnny and changed the coordinates of the future refugees to an artificial planet known as Nu-World. Lightwave and the others went there to live the rest of their lives in peace. The team then changed their name to the Fantastic Force to honor Sue and Lightwave was nominated as their new leader.

    As this happened, they were attacked by a flying green monster, who Hulk Jr. claimed to be his mother. She blasted Lightwave with gamma radiation, a weakness among Zenn-Lavians. Psionics was able to take him to the hospital, where the robotic doctors repaired him. The Harpy was just one of the attackers, the rest being even more powerful. Known as the Hysteries, they were formed by an insane Gaea who wished to get her children back to her dying Earth.

    After the Hysteries were dispatched, Gaea called in Ego, the Living Planet, to destroy Nu-World. Lightwave went to investigate and was captured. He was rescued by his daughter when she unleashed all her powers on Ego's brain. Wolverine left them to stay with Gaea and use his healing factor to help her get new life on the world.

    But soon after, the sun collapsed and Nu-World was doomed and sent into chaos. Seeing no other option, Lightwave and Alex Ultron took control of the warring populace, controlling them with Natalie X. At this point, Lightwave and Hulk Jr. disagreed about this course of action and Hulk Jr. was made their prisoner.

    When a few members of the Fantastic Four came to visit Nu-World, Lightwave decided that their best hope was to capture Valeria Richards. With her intellect, they could repair their portal and escape back to Earth and save the remaining people. Alex Ultron would not agree to kidnapping the daughter of the man who they had respected so much. Lightwave sent Psionics to capture Valeria, but she was killed when Hulk Jr. was released. The outcome of these events has yet to unfold.

    Powers & Abilities

    Explanation of his powers.
    Explanation of his powers.

    The nature of Lightwave's powers remain unexplained. They have been described to be "as mysterious as the dual particle-wave nature of light." When the members of Fantastic Force were fighting the Hysteries, the Scarlet Witch comments on how his powers work though an uncertainty principle, and the rest is a lightshow.

    Regardless of the nature of his abilities, Lightwave has displayed the power to fly, create force fields, shoot bolts of energy, and create blinding flashes of light. He also boasts superhuman strength, the limits of which have not been explored. It has not been revealed if his physical strength is due to his morphology or the result of his force fields or some other application of his psionic powers.


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