Character » Lightning appears in 23 issues.

    Once a captive of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Lightning now has teamed up with her brother Thunder and the other Ravagers.

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    Major Story Arcs

    The Culling

    Alongside her brother, Thunder, she accompanied Artemis who had captured Red Robin during the Culling. She distrusted Red Robin. Leash captured her along with the Teen Titans to set them loose on the Leigonnaires and she fired the first attack of the fight. When Leash turned Beast Boy and others against their friends, she blustered but found that she was not prepared to kill. She managed to escape along with others thanks to Caitlin Fairchild.

    The Ravagers

    When a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. security detail shows up and tries to surrender, she rejects the notion and beings to attack them. After Caitlin encourages him, her brother manages to convince her to stop. They escape from Rose Wilson and Warblade after Thunder blasts away a piece of an ice floe and manage to get to Seattle. At this point, Lightning and her brother split ways as she doesn't think the group is going to work out. However, Thunder is captured by Shadow Walker, a former tormentor of the siblings, and Lightning is forced to bring Caitlin and Ridge to him. She complied and knocked out the both of them. Thunder manages to break Shadow Walker's hold on him and convinces his sister to fight him. She frees Ridge, and he rips out the devices that Shadow Walker was using to track them. She shocked the devices and defeated him.

    Afterwards, she and the others stop to relax in a stream, but she is horrified to find that the markings on their suit are etched into their skin. She channels her subsequent anger into attacking Brother Blood's acolytes. After she is injured, Brother Blood took away her pain and she became enamored with him as though hypnotized when he touched her blood. Despite being controlled by Brother Blood, she was chained up with the others so that their blood could be used to open a doorway to the Red. After being released by Terra, Thunder helped break the control and they proceeded to slaughter the acolytes. To facilitate the escape of the others, she grabbed one of the sisters and leapt into the portal, causing it to explode and bury Brother Blood under rubble. Her current state of affairs is unknown.


    A distrustful and cynical character who is quick to anger, she is protective of her brother and was willing to sacrifice the other Ravagers to get him back. She is quick to anger and vengeful, attacking the guards until her rage was assuaged by Thunder.


    Lightning has the ability to project electricity. Since escaping N.O.W.H.E.R.E., she has demonstrated that her powers grow stronger when she's in contact with her brother. She is able to fly when touching him.


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