Lightning McQueen

    Character » Lightning McQueen appears in 62 issues.

    McQueen is the 4 time winner of the Piston Cup.

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    Lightning McQueen when he first started off was very arrogant. He only cared about himself, his looks, and where he was going in the future. Because of the Lightning had no friends. He fired all of his staff and ridiculed them. Though McQueen was a total jerk, he had lots of fans who adored and loved him. McQueen is a formidable rookie, and ends up in a 3 way tie for the Piston Cup. He has to enter another race to claim the trophy. While on a trip to the race he gets stranded from his bus. McQueen later gets in trouble and wrecks a city roads. He later fully repairs them and while doing so he becomes friends with Maynor. At first he leads Maynor on but they become true friends. While repairing the roads McQueen becomes friends with Sally. He and Sally become boyfriend and girlfriend.

    McQueen later goes on to win the Piston Cup.


    Completely red and covered in stickers. McQueen notably has no headlights.

    Eyes: Blue


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