Lightning Lynx

    Character » Lightning Lynx appears in 28 issues.

    A banished member of the Raiju clan. He is the quickster and close combat Master in the Destructix.

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    Lightning Lynx has tan and black fur and ice blue eyes. He wears neon blue gloves and boots that have lightning bolts on them.

    Lightning begun working as a member of the Fearsome Foursome under the command of Mammoth Mogul and has since been a member of the notorious Destructix group. He is of a neutral alliance but takes more of a villainous path then a heroic one. Lightning has been know to work and fought along side with the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix numerous times, he has also been known to work under the command of Sleuth Dog and Dr. Finitevus.


    Lightning Lynx displays a showoff, tough guy demeanor. He is seen as one of the more impulsive characters and he acts upon of his own desires, but nonetheless lightning has proven to be extremely loyal and formidable adversary.


    In Sonic Universe #15 - Journey to the East, Part Three: No Love in a Conquering Storm we come to find out that Lightning Lynx displays a crush on Conquering Storm. After losing a battle with Sonic The Hedgehog ( after he was just reinstated ) Conquering Storm banishes him once more, at the end of the conversation Lightning hastily blunts out " No...Please! I love..." before being cut off by Conquering Storm. She then states that it was that manner that got him in trouble and banished to begin with. In the later issue of the Scourge Arc. This is confirmed during one of the group therapy sessions.


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