Lightning Lords of Nepal

    Team » Lightning Lords of Nepal appears in 6 issues.

    The Lightning Lords of Nepal are a family of villains from K'un Lun who are sworn enemies of the Iron Fists past and present. They often frequent the Adventurer's Club.

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    The conflict between the Lightning Lords and the Iron Fist legacy originally began many years ago when the renegade Iron Fist Orson Randall killed two of the Lightning Lords. Years later in the Adventurer's Club Randall and his autobiographer Ernst Erskine were locked in a drinking game with the Last Lightning Lord (he wasn't really the last). Governed by the Lost Drinking Laws of Me-Lao, Orson Randell had to choose which of the Three Magic Chalices of Xu-Ma had been poisoned. Fortunately a young Wendell Rand had seen which of the chalices had been poisoned and informed Orson, forcing the Last Lightning lord to drink the real one. To add insult to injury Orson promptly stole his horse.

    Years later in 1928 at the Adventurer's Club hidden high in the Himalayas Orson again came in to conflict with the Lightning Lords when the sons of the Last Lightning Lord seeking revenge and a bounty set by The Bride of Nine Spiders. Orson again escaped by steeling the horse of one of the Lords.

    Xao and other Lightning Lord descendants like the Harem Harlots of Harlem would hound Orson and his Confederates of the Curious for years after and would eventually joined up with HYDRA.

    Current Events

    Xao has once again retuned In the present day with HYDRA and Steel Serpent in an attempt to end the Iron Fist legacy by not only taking over the Rand Corporation but also using it's technology to destroy the city of K'un-Lun and all other Capital Cities while they are unaware during the Tournament of the Heavenly Cites. He was eventually defeated by Danny Rand with help from the Heroes For Hire and the Immortal Weapons.


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