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Mekt Ranzz
Mekt Ranzz

Mekt Ranzz is the Lightning Lord, a premiere member of the Legion of Super-Villains. On Winath, where twins are the norm, he was born single, which is considered a bad omen. He was ostracized by most but his family, including his younger, twin siblings Lightning Lad and Light Lass, who happen to be two charter members of the Legion Of Super-Heroes. Mekt harbored an irrational hate for his brother that stems from jealousy. When Mekt gained the same electrical powers that his siblings received, he decided to commit his life to crime. He often has tried to convince his siblings, particularly Light Lass, to join him in his endeavor but that never occurred.


Lightning Lord was created by Jerry Siegel and Curt Swan.

Character Evolution

Original Continuity: New Earth

Lightning Lord (New Earth)
Lightning Lord (New Earth)

In his first introduction, Lightning Lord, along with his allies Saturn Queen and Cosmic King, traveled into the past to assist Lex Luthor in defeating Superman, but was stymied when an adult version of the Legion Of Super-Heroes arrived to stop them. Since then, Lightning Lord has shown up to cause problems for the Legion of Super-Heroes on several occasions.

Threeboot: Earth-Prime

Mekt Ranzz (Earth-Prime)
Mekt Ranzz (Earth-Prime)

Before the Legion Of Super-Heroes existed, Mekt Ranzz was hired by the United Planets to be part of a covert super-hero team that would handle UP problems quietly. However, they sent him on a mission that caused everyone but him on the team to die. Since then, Mekt has disavowed the United Planets and recruited super-powered people on his travels to be a group that could fight menaces on his terms. He called this group the Wanderers. Mekt Ranzz and his Wanderers have teamed up with the Legion of Super-Heroes to fight against the Dominators when they attacked the planet Earth. After this team-up, Supergirl became leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes and one of her first acts was to try to absorb the Wanderers into the Legion. Mekt Ranzz has decided to assist them, but has made claims that he should be the one leading the group.

In this continuity, Mekt Ranzz is never referred to as Lightning Lord.

Major Story Arcs

Original Continuity: New Earth

One of his most monumental appearances is when he led the Legion of Super-Villains to fight against the Legion of Super-Heroes. His main reason to attack the Legion was to 'save' his sister, Light Lass, from the perceived corruption of their brother, Lightning Lad. Lightning Lord betrayed the Legion of Super-Villains when they attempted to kill her, telling them that it was his right, as her older brother, to kill them. Light Lass saved herself, with Lightning Lord's assistance, but he returned to his evil roots soon after. Mekt Ranzz was eventually held in a mental institution to cure his lunacy through extensive psychotherapy.

Powers and Abilities

Electricity Control

Lightning Lord acquired the ability to project bolts of electricity when struck by the Lightning Beasts of Korbal. When concentrating, Lightning Lord has been able to absorb electricity, so as not to cause him harm. However, it has also been shown in fights where a strong enough blast of electricity from his brother, Lightning Lad, can hurt him and even stun him. His electrical bolts are stronger, in raw power, than his sibling's electrical powers.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 210lbs
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: formerly red, turned white

Other Media


Superman & The Legion of Super-Heroes

Lightning Lord
Lightning Lord

Lightning Lord appeared in the two seasons of the animated Legion of Super-Heroes show. .

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