Lieutenant Wells

    Character » Lieutenant Wells appears in 7 issues.

    Member of the Number of the Beast project and cold blooded soldier.

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    Lieutenent Welles was the second in command on the Number of the Beast and she answered directly to General Somerset.

    When the resurrection of the High altered the program of the Number of the Beast, Welles commanded a group of commandos to destroy the main bunker and kill any opposition before the situation escalated. However, the supervillian Dr. Sin awoke first and took control of the bunker defenses causing the death of the whole squadron, leaving Welles as the only survivor.

    Sin proved to be more smart than Welles. Welles believed to be killing Sin, but instead killed the Aeronaut. When she was about to push the button than would had killed all the SPBs prisioners, Hotfoot, recently freed from his prision, stoped her, causing his brain to be scrambled at superspeed.

    Welles was left catatonic until the members of the Authority the Doctor and Swift arrived to the bunker. The Doctor undid the damage than Hotfoot caused. Welles then warned to the Authority about the coming of the Reapers, the counter measure to destroy the prisioners. The Authority was caught in the battle against the Reapers, meanwhile Welles escaped using the gear left by the Aeronaut.


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