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Fawcett Comics/Earth-S


Other Versions

DC Comics

Flashpoint/New 52

It can be debatable the Lieutenant Marvels were redesigned as "new characters" Eugene Choi, Pedro Peña, and Darla Dudley between Flashpoint and the New 52 in DC Comics.

Multiversity: Thunderworld/Earth-5

The Lieutenant Marvels are seen in Grant Morrison's Multiversity aiding the Marvel Family against the Monster Society of Evil along with Uncle Marvel and Tawky Tawny.

In Other Media

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

The Lieutenant Marvels have evil doppelgangers. Not entirely of the Captain Marvel/ Shazam mold, but of Superwoman of the Crime Syndicate. In the world of the Crime Syndicate, Superwoman's Made Men are called the Super Family consisting of Captain Super, Uncle Super, and Captain Super Jr.


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