Lieutenant Flores

    Character » Lieutenant Flores appears in 16 issues.

    Lieutenant Flores is an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department. He's also a pawn of the super-villain group known as The Pride.

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    Lieutenant Flores is a willing pawn of the Pride, a conglomerate of super villains that control the crime on the West Coast, particularly in California. When the children of the Pride, known as the Runaways, find out their parents are evil, they run away. Lieutenant Flores is the officer in charge of finding them, altering evidence and facts so it appears that the teenagers are the actual bad guys and that they committed murder, which is not true.

    Lieutenant Flores comes up with the idea of hiring East Coast superheroes Cloak and Dagger to track down the Runaways. This news displeases the Pride, seeing as how vigilantes are now on their turf. Catherine Wilder takes Flores' own gun and shoots him in the knee cap to show him how wrong he was to make that judgment.

    While in the hospital recovering from the gunshot, he is contacted by the traitor on the Runaways, Alex Wilder. Alex informs Flores where they have been hiding since they ran away, in The Hostel. Flores takes a group of officers to raid the Hostel and get the children, but the children escape. Tired of his inefficiency, Geoffrey Wilder uses his shotgun and kills Lieutenant Flores, making an example of him to the other Los Angeles police officers.


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