Team » Librarians appears in 68 issues.

    The heads of the Golden Boughs Retirement Facility bent on tracking, imprisoning, and brainwashing Fables into forgetting their former lives.

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     It is unknown when the Librarians officially came into being. However, it is known that they are of Literal ancestry and take their job of capturing and imprisoning Fables very seriously. They first appeared in the Jack of Fables series.  

    Major Story Arcs

    Although the Librarians played a part in almost every volume of Jack of Fables, they had several defining moments. 

    The (Nearly) Great Escape 

     Our introduction to the Librarians of the Golden Boughs. We meet them when Jack Horner is captured and imprisoned against his will. Being a trouble maker, Jack immediately comes up with a plan of escape where, from there on after, the Page sisters spend their time trying to track him and the other escaped Fables down.  


     Focusing on Hillary Page and her desire to find her biological father--believed to be the Bookburner--this volume has Hillary joining forces with Jack, Raven, and Humpty Dumpty. As a direct result to Hillary's quest, the Bookburner decides to invade the Mundane world and wage war on the Golden Boughs. 

    Turning Pages

     From this volume we learn not only the origin of the Page sisters but of their mother as well. We learn that Prose Page had a love of Fables (much like her daughter Hillary) and actually had a child with Prince Charming who would grow up to be Jack Horner. 

    The Big Book of War 

    The Golden Boughs is besieged by Bookburner's army and it is up to the Librarians and the imprisoned Fables to defend it. Mr. Revise, as a last ditch attempt at victory, unlocks the original stories of the imprisoned Fables, allowing them to regain abilities that had been stripped from them. Also, Priscilla helps Kevin Thorn to retrieve his magical quill from New York. Kevin then turns on Priscilla and starts to concoct a plan to rewrite all of reality.

    The Great Fables Crossover

     With Kevin Thorn threatening to end the world as we know it, the Librarians team up with the Fables in an attempt to stop him.  

    The End  

    Finding a new purpose in life, the Page sisters decide that they need to find a way to restore the Great Library that Jack Horner stole during the Golden Boughs explosion. 



    Senior Librarians


    Assistant Librarians

    • Robin Page--in charge of security of the Golden Boughs, she has been known to employ trained tigers and Bag Men to help her
    • Priscilla Page--in charge of locating and retrieving Fables in the Mundane world
    • Hillary Page--in charge of research on the backgrounds of Fables

    Suspected Librarians

    • Prose Page--the mother of the Page sisters, it is said that she found her "theme" in the libraries of the Homeland Alexandria, possibly a hint at her becoming the first assistant librarian. Her relationship to both Bookburner and Revise would also imply this. 

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