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    The Liberty Brigade is a patriotic superhero team that operates directly to President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II.

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    Concept and Creation

    The Liberty Brigade is created by Michael Finn. He incorporated lesser known comic book superheroes from the Golden Age that are in the public domain and some original characters of his own (Mr. Freedom, The Bill of Rights, and The National Anthem). His inspiration for the team was his interest in Marvel Comics' The Invaders and DC Comics' All-Star Squadron.

    Team History

    Thrilling Nostalgia Comics


    The Coming of The Liberty Brigade
    The Coming of The Liberty Brigade

    On December 10th 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt is in a secret meeting with former Vice-President John Nance Garner and Uncle Sam in The White House to discuss retaliation tactics a few days after the attack on Pearl Harbor as the United States of America enters World War II. Already the country has teams of masked mystery men and women such as Freedom's Flame, The Axis Smashers, and Roosevelt's Raiders fighting on two fronts - Europe and the Pacific, but Roosevelt needed a team he can count on. One that will primarily guard the home front against Hitler's Death Lords, Aryan Skulls, and Death Snakes, and inspire Americans. He wanted his new team, The Liberty Brigade, to represented the entire country -- the cities, the north, the south, men, and women. He assembled The Mad Hatter (who represented urban heroes), Johnny Patriot (who represented southern and rural heroes), The Green Turtle (who represented America's Chinese allies), Catman and his sidekick Kitten, and The Blue Flame (who represented the military and a perfect candidate to lead the team). In addition, Roosevelt was open minded to let new heroes and even reformed villains join The Liberty Brigade. In response, novice superhero duo The Bill of Rights and The National Anthem were invited to join the team, which they gradually accepted. And even the criminal Jack "Dark Eyes" Landers was pardoned by the president on the condition that he joins The Liberty Brigade and becomes the patriotic superhero Mr. Freedom.

    Once the Liberty Brigade was assembled, they were given dossiers from the O.S.S. (provided by Linda Lens) on all costumed allies (including groups like Roosevelt's Raiders, The Axis Smashers, The Aviators, Freedom's Flame, The Reg'lar Fellas, and The Women of America) and enemies during the war. The Liberty Brigade soon stumbled upon a fiendish plot by Hitler's Death Lords as they had their agents implemented a plan to kidnap all members of Freedom's Flame followed by an assassination plot of President Roosevelt. Luckily, Bill of Rights and National Anthem, who evaded being capture with the aide of The Eye and Ace Harlem, managed to warn the president before the invasion began in Washington D.C.. Soon after the defeat of the Aryan Skulls and Death Snakes, the Liberty Brigade, along with TNT Todd, The Atomic Thunderbolt, and Airboy, locate the secret lair of the Death Lords. Once they defeated their adversaries, they rescued The Ghost, who was held prisoner by The Claw and his wife, The Cobra Queen. The Liberty Brigade continued to operate in the post-war years fighting remaining Nazi agents, criminals, Soviet spies, and costumed villains until they eventually the disbanded after the 1940s.


    • The Blue Flame (the leader)
    • Cat-Man
    • Kitten
    • The Mad Hatter
    • The Green Turtle
    • Johnny Patriot (a new codename for Johnny Rebel)
    • Mr. Freedom (a new codename for Dark Eyes)
    • The Bill of Rights
    • The National Anthem

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