Team » Liberators appears in 13 issues.

    An international coalition of superhuman operatives created to invade the US and curtail any future US intervention; in response to the US preemptive strike against a Middle Eastern nuclear program.

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    The Liberators are the products of super-soldier experiments performed by countries who oppose the interventionist policy of the US. Each one is designed to be the counterpart of a specific Ultimates member. They are led by the Colonel Abdul-Al Rahman, an Iranian young man who is the Liberator Counterpart to Captain America.

    Major Story Arcs

    Grand Theft America

    In addition to their super-human strike force, they rely on an army of power suit-wearing foot soldiers who decimate the Ultimate Reserves, an air force comprised of massive zeppelins to counter S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarriers and 50 giant-size duplicates of the Crimson Dynamo.

    In the initial invasion of the United States, it was revealed that they counted with the support of the mole Black Widow and the turned-traitor Hank Pym and his Ultron androids.

    The entire task force, minus Perun and Loki was killed by the Ultimates' counterattack. The Insect Queen was either killed and somehow resurrected or saved from the verge of death and forcible recruited into the Ultimate Avengers as the Red Wasp.


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