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    Professor Nelson Drew, also known as Dr. Nelson Drew, is a chemistry teacher who works at Claflin University. In his line of work he discovered an ancient Egyptian formula called Lamesis. It gave him superhuman abilities, that he used to fight crime as the Liberator, fighting against Nazi saboteurs during World War 2. Later he met one of the members of SMASH, of which, in time, he became a member, fighting crime alongside many other powerful superheroes.

    Dynamite Entertainment

    In the Dynamite Entertainment comics, the Liberator is trapped in the Urn of Pandora by a well meaning but misguided Fighting Yank. He sits in limbo for about sixty years until he is released by the Fighting Yank. Upon his release he discovers that the world and America is very different from the one he left. He reaches out to the the President of the United States, President West, in an effort to help. He seemingly becomes quickly disillusioned with the president and the government, but he ends up staying with the President despite his misgivings.


    The Liberator has super strength and super speed.


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